The cowpea of ​​the little hedgehog

The little hedgehog is very hardworking and capable.

The little hedgehog planted several cowpea [jiāng] bean sprouts in the yard, and the cowpea sprouts grew up day by day. On the fence wall of the little hedgehog’s yard, long green cowpeas are hung. Throughout the summer, the little hedgehog had endless cowpeas. He not only ate them by himself, but also picked many to give to his friends. Friends said: “The cowpea in the little hedgehog’s yard is the most delicious!”

Autumn is here. There is only one cowpea left in the little hedgehog’s yard. This is the longest and longest cowpea. Throughout the spring, the little hedgehog applied a lot of fertilizer to the cowpea seedling; throughout the summer, the little hedgehog watched the cowpea grow and grow.

The little hedgehog often brought a ruler to measure how long the cowpea is.

Autumn is about to pass, and winter is about to come.

The weather was getting colder and the little hedgehog had been measuring for many days. The cowpea no longer grew. It had become the longest and longest cowpea, hanging from the high fence to the ground.

The little hedgehog is about to hibernate. He wants to eat the longest and longest cowpea before hibernation. But he thought about it again that he had a good friend who liked to eat cowpea more-the mole that lived in the mud hole.

When a little hedgehog is hibernating, it can sleep without food for a whole winter. But the little mole eats in the mud hole in winter. The little hedgehog thought, “Why don’t I save the cowpeas to my good friend?”

The little hedgehog picked off the longest and longest cowpea.

He sent the cowpea to the mole’s hole, and quietly stuffed it into the mole’s hole. The little hedgehog’s cowpea is very long, and the little mole’s mud hole is very deep, just to stuff the cowpea from the mouth of the hole to the bottom of the hole.

Besides, the little Mole encountered a hard object in the hole. The hole was very dark and couldn’t see what it was. The little mole took a light bite: “Ah, it’s cowpea, what a delicious cowpea, this must be sent by a good friend little hedgehog.”

Throughout the winter, the little mole bites a small portion of cowpea every day. Bite and bite, bite and bite, when he bit into the hole, winter passed and spring came. The little Mole walked out of the cave and took a look. The outside of the cave was full of spring sunshine. The little Mole sang happily:

How long is winter to spring

Like a little hedgehog

That root of cowpea is as long as…

The little mole patted the dirt on his body and was going to the little hedgehog’s house. He wanted to thank the little hedgehog for the longest and longest cowpea.

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