The fat pig baby who corrected the mistake

Fat pig baby is always late for work.

Mr. Xiong reminded him: “I’ll be fired when I’m late.” “But I can’t wake up in the morning.” The Fat Pig Baby said anxiously.

“You can buy an alarm clock just like me.” Mr. Xiong pointed to the alarm clock on the table. “That’s a good idea!” The fat pig baby happily came to the unmanned sales point: “Honesty brand alarm clock, ten yuan each. Very good, I will buy one.” After finishing speaking, the fat pig baby took out the money Come and count, it’s only nine yuan, what can I do? To do? “One yuan less, one yuan less,” the fat pig baby threw the money into the cash box. “Although there is a little dishonesty, no one will know.”

In the evening, the fat pig baby winded up the alarm clock: “See you tomorrow morning, friends.”

The next day, the fat pig baby was awakened by the sun, opened her eyes, broke, and was late again: “It’s all your fault, and it’s called the honest card!” “I’m sorry, let me check it.” Mrs. Go was on the computer. Da Da knocked a few times, “I’m sorry, the alarm clock is okay, the problem seems to be on you.” “It’s on me? Impossible!” Just after the fat pig baby finished speaking, she suddenly remembered the fact that she had not paid one yuan. Suddenly red. It’s just that his face is so dark that he can’t see it.

“I, I” the fat pig baby took out one yuan, put it in the hands of the dog’s wife, picked up the alarm clock and ran away.

Since that day, the fat pig baby has never been late for work.

Kids, you say, is it okay to be an honest child?

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