The frog that sings in the bath

The little frog and little squirrel, little hedgehog, little rabbit live in a small building, and they share a bathroom.

Every day, the little frog is always the first to use the bathroom, and little hedgehogs, little squirrels, and little rabbits wait outside.

Little frog always loves to sing when he takes a bath. He sang ten songs in one breath and took a full hour in the bath. When he walked out of the bathroom, his friends were waiting to fall asleep.

The little frog said embarrassedly: “My friends, I’m so sorry, I forgot the time as soon as I sang, I will ask you to wash it next time!”

“No,” said the little hedgehog, “you will be the last one to wash, and it will last for three hours. We have a way to help you!”

The next day, when the little frog was undressing and singing, a little squirrel in the bathroom rang the alarm clock, and under the alarm it read: “please get some water.” The little frog scratched his head and quickly turned on the faucet.

The little frog sang while pouring in the water. The little hedgehog’s alarm clock hung on the east wall rang, and it said: “Hurry up and wipe the soap.”

The little frog quickly picked up the soap and sang as he wiped it, rubbing it all over.

After a while, the bunny alarm clock on the west wall rang, and under the alarm it read: “Flush it.”

The faucet turned on again, and the little frog sang while washing, his whole body washed clean and comfortable. At this time, the little frog’s alarm clock hung on the mirror rang, and it said: “Please wipe your body dry.”

The little frog wiped his body dry, and walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Everyone said happily: “Little frog, you washed it fast and clean today.”

The little frog was happy. He bent down and stretched out his hand and said, “Please, friends, thank you for your kind help!”

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