The hammer of the monster goblin

It was sunny every day for many days. Gu Bar, very happy, he pulled out two big hammers from the box and put them under the sun to bask.

These two hammers are round and bulging, much like ancient weapons.

Some villagers came up to the mountain and found that Guba was drying hammers. They felt very strange: “There are people drying quilts and clothes, and some people drying vegetables and carrots, but I have never seen a hammer drying!”

Grumpy and said: “Don’t underestimate them, they are my heirlooms. These two hammers can produce lightning. Once the lightning flashes, it will rain. The sun is to make them more powerful. ”


“Really true, of course true.” While speaking, he picked up the hammers and knocked them against each other.

There was really a flash of lightning, “swiping” the ground to the sky. Then, a few drops of rain really fell.

“How is it? Great, isn’t it?” He said very proudly.

The villagers saw that a pinch of Gouba’s hair was scorched, and asked, “Why is your hair scorched?”

Grunt and said: “It’s okay. Those two hammers leak a little bit. It’s okay.”

For many days, it was sunny.

For many more days, it will be sunny again.

There was no rain, and drought occurred in the village of Turnip. The dry crops are cracked, and the crops are almost dry.

The villagers were in a panic.

At this time, the villager who had seen the Gubar drying the hammer said: “I have a way, go find Gu, he can make it rain.”

So, the villagers went to find Gu.

“Goo go, go go, please let it rain!”

Gumba, seeing so many people begging him, suddenly panicked: “This…this…I, can’t…”

The villager said, “What can’t be done, I clearly saw you hit two hammers last time, and it rained. Are you unwilling to help?”

“No, no, but…” He didn’t know what to say.

Finally, I had to grit my teeth and promised to help everyone rain. However, he made a request that when he was urging the rain, everyone could not watch by the side.

The villagers are all down the mountain.

After a while, the villagers saw that there were flashes of lightning on the mountain, and then it began to rain. It started with light rain, and then it rained heavily, and there was water on every piece of land in Turnip Village.

The villagers cheered.

After the rain stopped, everyone brought a lot of food, thank you Gu.

When the villagers saw Guba, they were all stunned: the hair on the entire head of Guba was burnt, and the clothes on his body were burnt into strips. Moreover, there are many places on his body that burned up. Soaked.

Gumba said embarrassedly: “It’s okay. Those two hammers are leaking a bit. It’s okay.”

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