The journey of a fairy tale book

This is a fairy tale book about a little bear who is afraid to sleep alone. Today, Xiaohao sorted the bookshelf and threw away this fairy tale book, because Xiaohao is already in the sixth grade, and this book is too naive.

Soon, the fairy tale book wandered to the waste collection station. The grandfather of the acquisition station read this book not bad, so he brought it to his granddaughter Xiaomeng. Xiao Meng has just entered the first grade, she is a little afraid of the dark when she sleeps, and likes the stories in the book. Xiao Meng put the fairy tale book by the bed and asked her grandpa to tell her the story before going to bed.

Later, the fairy tale book was taken to school by Xiao Meng. The students liked this book, so they put it in the book corner. There are many colorful books in the book corner, and they started to talk about the new fairy tale books.

Popular science books feel that fairy tale books are useless, unlike themselves that can bring a lot of knowledge to children; exercise books also feel that fairy tale books are naive, and only babies can read them; there is only one picture book, don’t underestimate the fairy tale book, it has one This kind of special magic power… The fairy tale book was silent, just closed the pages gently.

When night fell, the classroom was completely dark. Many books are afraid of the dark-don’t look at them in the daytime, but they are actually very young books.

At this time, like a mother, the fairy tale book opened the pages gently, telling the story of a little bear who dared not sleep alone. The voice was very gentle, as gentle as a sweet dream. Listening to all the books, slowly fell asleep.

The fairy tale book recalled when I was young, from the printing factory to the bookstore, to the first-year Xiaohao’s house, and then to the waste station, to the grandfather, to the bedside of Xiao Meng, and finally to the school’s book corner. . During the journey of this life, it is telling the same story, and it will continue to tell…

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