The lion king with a headache

Early in the morning, there was a knock on the door of King Lion. “I haven’t slept enough yet!” The Lion King muttered to open the door.

When the door was opened, he was taken aback. Outside the door, antelopes, rabbits, deer… long lines.

“Lion King, we are almost fainted from hunger, please help us!” the little animals said together.

“Isn’t there a lot of grass on the grassland? Why don’t you eat it?” The Lion King looked at everyone puzzled.

“The grass roots on the prairie are almost gone by the rats. In autumn, they still eat grass seeds. Now there is less and less grass on the prairie!” An antelope told the lion king.

“Since you drove away snakes, weasels and eagles, rats have no natural enemies. Now, they are more and more and more domineering, and the grasslands are full of their burrows!” said the rabbit.

It turns out that snakes, weasels and eagles like to catch mice and eat them. In order to protect the weak mice, the lion king drove them away from the grassland.

The lion king thought he had made a wise decision, but he did not expect to cause serious trouble to the grassland.

The Lion King felt his head hurt.

“Go, let me go to the grassland with you!” The Lion King came to the grassland with everyone.

The grassland that was supposed to be overgrown with grass, now there are only a few sparse grasses, but the mouse hole is full of the entire grassland. The yellow sand was blown around by the wind, and the entire grassland looked dim.

“It seems that there can be no less animals on the grassland!” The Lion King sighed, “Now, I will personally invite the snake, the weasel and the eagle back!”

“It’s great, next year we won’t have to worry about no grass to eat!” The little animals shouted happily.

The lion king’s head doesn’t seem to hurt so much.


There is a food chain in nature. Carnivorous animals eat herbivores, and herbivores eat all kinds of plants. The decay of various animal carcasses can bring nourishment to the grassland. This close connection can make Our ecology is in balance.

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