The Little Monster Runs Away

Like all mothers, the little monster’s mother is a little nagging.

Like all children, little monsters don’t like to hear their mothers nagging.

So one day, the little monster said to her mother: “Mom, I’m going to run away from home!” “Then go,” the mother said, “Anyway, there is no need to worry about you being eaten by the monster.” So the little monster left home. Ran away.

The first day is fun. The little monster followed in the footsteps of the cranberries: wherever the cranberries grew, he would go.

As a result, the little monster walked into the depths of the big forest and found a secret little Hu.

The next day was a bit thrilling. The little monster followed in the footsteps of the bees: wherever the bees flew, he went wherever they went.

Follow the bees, you can get to know many fragrant flowers. But then the bee misunderstood the little monster and thought he was thinking of playing honey, so he attacked the little monster. If it weren’t for the little monsters to be magical, they would be full of bags.

Very happy on the third day. The little monster follows in the footsteps of the wind: wherever the wind goes, he goes wherever it goes.

As a result, he followed the wind to a field of dandelions and helped the wind send dandelions one after another into the sky.

The fourth day was very hard. The little monster followed the fox’s footsteps: wherever the fox went, he would go wherever he went, because he thought the fox’s tiptoe look was very funny.

As a result, the fox wanted to steal the newborn baby duck while the mother duck was not at home. The little monster did not let the fox succeed. However, he also had to take care of those little mischiefs all day, until their mother came back.

The fifth day was a bit boring. The little monster followed in the footsteps of a cloud: wherever the cloud went, he went there. However, the cloud didn’t seem to know where it should go. He walked a few steps east and a few steps west, always spinning around in place. However, in the evening, it seemed that Yun suddenly made up his mind as soon as it turned into raindrops and jumped down, and fell on the little monster.

On the sixth day, the little monster was in a special mood, so he decided to follow his own heart. He closed his eyes, took a step forward, and just walked, walked…

When he opened his eyes, he found himself standing at the door of his house, and his mother had already prepared a fragrant dinner.

“I’m glad I’m back, but maybe I’ll run away in the future.” The little monster said to his mother while eating food.

Mother smiled and said nothing, and put a large piece of pudding on his plate.

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