The little mouse who can only say ticking

Tick, tick, tick… On the snow-white wall, there is a blue mouse alarm clock.

The little mouse moved his eyes, wagged his tail, and kept moving. “Squeak, squeak,” In the corner, two little mice sneaked out of the hole to play quietly. They saw the little mouse on the wall and curiously discussed: “What is the big mouse saying?” Asked.

“I don’t know either!” Big Brother Mouse replied. They looked left and right, they were so curious.

So, the mouse brothers made a ladder with a long light rope, climbed up, and said hello to the little mouse on the alarm clock: “Hello!” “Tick, tick, tick…”

“Let’s play with us!” The Mouse Brothers said again.

“Tick, tick, tick…” Seeing that he was not talking, the mouse brother opened his throat and yelled: “Hey, we–we–want–and–you–play!”

“Tick, tick, tick…”

“Brother, he can only tick and tick, it must be a stupid mouse!” said the mouse brother.

“Yes, that’s right!” Brother Mouse said angrily, “Look, his belly is round and big, let’s go in and play!”

The mouse brother nodded, and they shook the light cord, swishfully jumped into the alarm clock, and played boldly. They moved the minute hand for a while, touched the second hand for a while, and ran and ran around in a circle for a while. They had a great time! After a while, the mouse brothers pushed the hour hand and the second hand, turning them into a straight line. Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the alarm clock: “Boom—Boom—Boom!”

“Ouch!” The mouse brothers were so scared that they fell to the ground! At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the wall: “I’m not a stupid mouse, I just don’t like to talk, I like quiet, please don’t get into my stomach Here!” Mouse brother, look at me, I look at you, shocked. They thought to themselves: This mouse is angry, it’s terrible! Later, the mouse brothers never dared to climb on the alarm clock to play.

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