The little witch who is afraid of the cold

In all seasons, the little witch Vera hates winter the most, because she is particularly afraid of the cold.

Although Vera wraps herself in a thick robe every winter, she still feels cold, so when this winter comes, Vera simply turns herself into a flame so that she is not afraid of the cold.

However, Vera who became a flame quickly ran into trouble, because she always forgot that she could not touch other things casually, so many things in the castle caught fire and burned.

Vera was so frightened that she hurriedly restored her original appearance, and then cast a heavy rain with spells to put out the fire.

Vera thought it was too dangerous to become a flame, she thought, she better become something that can’t burn.

But what has become? By the way, become a fire dragon! The fire dragon can breathe fire, it is certainly not afraid of cold, and there is no flame on its body, Vera doesn’t have to worry that she will ignite the things in the castle again.

So Vera chanted a spell, and with a “bang”, she turned into a huge fire dragon.

The fire dragon has thick skin and thick flesh. Vera feels like she is wearing hundreds of thick clothes. It’s really warm!

But soon, Vera ran into trouble again, because the fire dragon was too big, which made it easy for her to break things in the castle, and she couldn’t get in many rooms in the castle…

When Vera accidentally broke a pillar again, she had to restore her original appearance, and cast spells to repair the castle that was full of cracks by her.

It seems that becoming a fire dragon is also very dangerous, so what is safe to become? Vera felt a little troubled.

After thinking about it for a long time, Vera finally thought of the polar bear. She thought that the North Pole was always icy and snowy, but the polar bear could live there all the time. It was obvious that it was not afraid of the cold at all. Of course, more importantly, polar bears are not as dangerous as flames and fire dragons.

So Vera used magic to transform herself into a snow-white polar bear.

Ha, as expected! Vera, who has become a polar bear, feels that the cold in winter is nothing at all.

Vera was very happy. She decided to take a stroll in the forest outside the castle. She thought that animals would be surprised to see a polar bear in the forest.

Not long after she walked out of the castle, she suddenly heard a “bang” shot, and a bullet instantly passed her.

Vera was taken aback and took a look at it, oh my god! Not far away, a hunter was aiming at her with a shotgun!

Vera didn’t expect that someone would dare to hunt in her forest. She angrily cast a spell to turn the hunter’s shotgun into a big python! The hunter was terrified. He screamed and threw off the big python from his hand, turned and escaped from the forest.

“Oh, it seems that it’s not safe to be a polar bear!” Vera sighed, returning to her original appearance.

At this time, she saw the sunlight spilt through the gaps between the branches and leaves, and she had an idea and thought of a good idea.

Vera used magic to collect the sunlight, and then turned them into a golden robe. She put this robe on her body, and suddenly felt that she was surrounded by warmth, and even her heart was warm. , So comfortable!

From then on, Vera was no longer afraid of the cold, and no longer hated winter.

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