The moon is different tonight

Strange, the moon is different tonight!

The moon in the sky is like painted, flat. The moon in the river is like a big round and bright golden ball. With a kick on its hind legs, the frog jumped to the moon in the river—Boom! He bumped into something slippery. Ah, the real moon, not a reflection! Cuckoo was very pleasantly surprised and wanted to touch the moon, but the moon was smashed by him and rolled everywhere.

“Stop! Stop!” Cuckoo pursued desperately, but the moon rolled faster and faster.

Cuckoo swam to the shore and pointed at the microphone of the lotuspoon and said, “Deep! The moon is different tonight, please come to the river with Diandian!” After a

while, Doodle and Rabbit arrived. When they saw the moon swimming in the distance, they exclaimed in surprise, “It’s so beautiful!”

Grumbling eagerly said, “Dudu, you row the boat and show us after it, okay?”

“Okay, let’s get on the boat .” ! ” ”

Yeah, forgot the net! starting a fishing net fastened to the moon! “growling up.

“Why? The moon will be uncomfortable!”

“Because it runs so fast!” Gugu told him how he chased the moon.

“Goo, you hit the moon, it must be terrified. Have you apologized to the moon?” asked little by little.

“I forgot, is it too late now?” Gugu blushed.

“It’s too late!” Dudu struggled to get up the boat.

Gugu cleared his throat and shouted: “Moon, I accidentally ran into you, sorry! We want to be friends with you, okay—” The

moon heard it and stopped slowly! The boat approached the moon a little bit…

“Moon, I like you!” Gu Gu jumped on the head of the big bear, “Bhaw” and kissed the moon. The moon did not dodge, its light became very soft, as beautiful as a ripe yellow apple.

“Moon, I want to smell you!” Little by little put his face on the moon. Oh, the moon has a faint fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus!

“Moon, I want to hug you!” Dudu opened his arms-the boat suddenly leaned forward and was about to overturn! Dudu yelled in fright: “Help!”

Suddenly, the moon jumped out of the water and fell to the stern with a “boom”. The boat instantly regained its balance, and everyone hurriedly sat down.

“Hey, where did the moon go?” He looked around.

“Look up!” At some point, a golden moon rose into the sky. The moon in the river turned into a flat shadow again.

“What’s going on?” Dudu stared at the moon in the sky blankly.

He shook his ears a little bit, “I guess it must have been when the meteor was flying by, and the playful moon made a wish-to change oneself with the moon in the river, and quietly come to the water to play…”

Cuckoo rolled his eyes, “It must be the meteor who made the condition. The true moon can only play in the water for one night and cannot jump out of the water, otherwise the wish will end, just like magic disappeared. But the moon jumped out of the water to save us! ”

Yes, it must be so!” Everyone was deeply intoxicated in the story. At this time, the moon in the sky blinked at everyone, as if to affirm everyone’s conjecture. “Next time there is a meteor flying by, come and play with us again!” everyone shouted to the moon together.

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