The moon shines on the bird’s nest

Since Cub’s mother embroidered a bird on Cub’s overalls, Cub has become good friends with the bird.

He often plays with the birds on the grass.

One day, the little bear said to the bird: “If I could go up to the tree and play with you, that would be great!”

“No.” A little bird said worriedly, “You will break the branch and fall off the tree. !”

“But you can dream at night and come and play with us on the tree.” said a naughty bird.

That night, Little Bear thought: “How can I dream of climbing a tree? Yes! I just need to raise my pillow.” Sure enough, Little Bear dreamed that he was climbing a tree that night… The

next night, Little Bear wants to make the pillow higher so that he can go higher up the tree and watch the birds fly in and out of the nest.

Little Bear folded the quilt very high, put his own clothes on it, and put the pillow on it. But this way, he couldn’t sleep, so he could only sit on the high pillow. He saw the moon outside the window covered by clouds and it was pitch black all around.

Suddenly, a light flashed under the big tree outside the window. The little bear took a closer look. It turned out that it was the bad wolf with a flashlight and came walking with a bamboo pole. He wanted to stab the bird’s nest on the tree and catch the bird to feed his little wolf… The

little bear quietly got out of bed and hid in the door. In the bushes in front, a very scary voice was pretended to say: “The bad wolf’s idea of ​​hitting other people’s children, I’m going to eat their children!” The

bad wolf was so scared that he threw away the bamboo pole and ran home.

The little bear returned to the house, and the clouds outside the window drifted away. Yue’er was shining on the bird’s nest, and the birds in the nest were dreaming happy dreams… The

little bear spread the quilt without raising the pillow, and he fell asleep quickly Up. Little Bear dreamed that he was on a tree and had fun with the birds next to the bird’s nest…

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