The promise of the weaver

There was a small rose growing by the river, with a short stature, and its tender branches and leaves swaying in the wind. At night, the surroundings were quiet and there was no sound. Little Rose was terrified and weeped.

When the Weaver Lady flew by, she heard the cry, and stopped to ask, “Little Rose, why are you crying?”

“Ms. Weaver, I am very scared. No one talks to me. Will you stay with me for the night?” Little Rose pleaded.

Weaver Mother said: “I want to rush to the flower fair to play music. My companions are waiting for me and can’t stay with you.”

“Where will the flowers be? Can you take me there?” Little Rose said.

“The flowers will be in the park. There are all kinds of flowers blooming there. You have roots, and I can’t help you.” The textile lady thought for a while, comforted and encouraged Little Rose, “Little Rose, you have to go bravely. Facing life, try to make yourself grow taller and bloom bright flowers. By then, bees and butterflies will fly, sing and dance around you, and you will be happy to change your living environment.”

Little Rose heard it, nodded happily, and said: “Will you come then too?”

“At that time, I…” The Textile Lady thought for a while and said, “I will come.”

“Let’s make an agreement, when I bloom, you must come to see me.” Little Rose said.

“Okay! I also promised you that you must be brave and strong, don’t cry, and strive for three years of blooming. At that time, you will definitely come to congratulate you.” The textile lady flew away after speaking.

Little Rose nodded and stopped crying. It is full of hope in its heart, working hard to grow branches and leaves under the sun and rain, and strengthen its muscles and bones in the storm.

Year after year passed, and in the early summer of the third year, roses bloomed, fragrant and beautiful. Bees and butterflies smelled the scent of flowers and flew, they flickered their wings and sang and danced, and the stream became lively.

The happy rose waited for the weaver from morning to evening, but she never saw the weaver flying, and she was very anxious.

When the moon rose, the Weaver Mother finally flew over and said in praise: “Rose, you didn’t disappoint everyone, the flowers bloom so brightly!”

Rose said happily: “Weaver Mother, you have not missed the appointment. For three years, I have kept your words in my heart. If I hadn’t been encouraged by you, I might have died in despair.”

Weaver Mother said: “Rose, I want to tell you a secret. Our insects have reached the adult stage and have only a few months of life. It was my grandma who encouraged you to live bravely. Grandma promised you to see you when you bloom. For this promise, she entrusted her promise to my mother when she was dying, and a year later, when her mother left, she entrusted me with the promise her grandma made to you. I know that you have blossomed this year, so I came here to represent you. Grandma visits you, congratulates you, fulfills the promise made by grandma, and completes what mother entrusted.”

Rose was moved to tears.

Under the bright moonlight, the weaver girl played music for the roses, like spinning and weaving for a while. The beautiful music, and the fragrance of flowers, drifted in the wind in the clear night sky.

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