The Ruby of the Emperor Fish

The emperor fish woke up and found that a ruby ​​on the crown was missing. That is its most beloved baby!

The emperor fish summoned a line of court guards and searched for rubies. The seahorse guard looked through the murals with starfish patterns on the walls, the shrimp attendants searched through the floating kelp curtains, and the flying fish riders swam to the courtyard paved with colorful shells, but there was no trace to follow.
When he was busy, the attendant cuttlefish hid aside, swallowing something.

Emperor Yu swam forward suspiciously and asked, “Could it be that you are eating gems?” Cuttlefish said, “Your Majesty, I ate breakfast. I’m sorry, my breakfast was late.”

The guard rushed forward, his mouth touched its body, accidentally bumped into the ink sac, puff-black ink spewed out and splashed on the Emperor Fish’s face, the Emperor Fish was almost fainted. . The emperor fish was furious.

Kiss the silver shark quickly apologized: “Your Majesty, calm down, this is no way to find it!”

Emperor Yu thought for a while and said, “Quickly check, anyone has been to your majesty’s palace!”

The emperor fish immediately ordered the two silk butterfly fish servant girls to ask the queen. However, without asking anything, the porcupine queen went back to the harem crying. Weeping and said: “Your Majesty, are you suspicious of me?”

Where is it? When the emperor fish was thinking about it, General Crab hurried to report and caught an absconding servant anglerfish, which happened to be on duty last night to serve the emperor fish.

So began to interrogate–

General Crab said: “Call out the gem!”

The anglerfish cried bitterly and said, “Your Majesty, I didn’t steal any gems!”

Emperor Yu said: “Nonsense, why did you run away without stealing?”

The anglerfish said: “I blame my gluttony for stealing some sauce. Your Majesty, please spare me! However, last night, when I was taking the sauce, I saw a dark figure leaping out of the king’s window. It was on the way to escape. , I accidentally injured my fin by a scallop.”

Emperor Yu immediately ordered to bring all the fish families with injured fins in the palace for interrogation. Not long after, eight fish with injured fins were brought. Reef scratches, falls, fights…” Doctor Fish inspected it, and only the last yellow-robed steward was left with the basket fish.

The fox basket fish said: “Your Majesty, please be forgive! Last night, when I passed by your majesty’s palace, I found that the ruby ​​on the crown was very beautiful. I couldn’t help but moved my greed and removed it secretly. When I left, I was accidentally caught by the scallops, thinking. This is a punishment for doing something wrong, and I am very regretful. At dawn, I sent the gem back and stuffed it into your majesty’s jacket pocket.

Emperor Yu’s eyes widened. He shook his body, and as expected, he noticed a small bulge in his pocket. Returning to the bedroom, Emperor Yu did not expect that he searched all corners, and the gems were actually on him. Thinking of this, its face turned red and white.

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