The slide is so delicious

After a nap, the little ant and the little ladybug walked on the path in front of the door holding hands.

Huh, what is that? Green and crooked. Touch it, neither soft nor hard.

The little ant and the little ladybug quickly called a group of good friends to let everyone guess together.

The grasshopper said: “It must be a small crooked bridge!”

The little ladybug said: “Maybe a piece of the rainbow in the sky has fallen off!”

“Oh, it’s more like a slide!” The little praying mantis suddenly cried out in surprise.

“It’s really like! It’s really like!” Everyone nodded and said.

What a fun slide! Going up is like climbing a hill, and coming down is like taking a plane!

Everyone slid happily over and over again.

A few days later, the mantis discovered a strange thing: the green slide turned yellow. Smell it, it’s fragrant; step on it, it’s soft.

Look, there is still a gap. Have a taste, sweet! What is going on here?

The little ant invited the smartest ant grandma in the insect kingdom.

When Grandma Ant saw it, she laughed, she almost burst into tears: “Wow, isn’t this just a delicious banana! If you don’t eat it, it will rot.”

So, nine hundred and ninety-nine insects came to eat the banana feast, and they ate them happily for three days and three nights.

While eating, everyone said happily: “The slides are so delicious! The slides are so delicious!”

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