The story of eyebrows

Shi En has two thick and thick eyebrows.

One day, when Shi En was playing on the side of the road, a strong wind suddenly blew. The wind was so strong that Shi En’s eyebrows were shaved off. Shi En was so anxious that he chased while shouting. However, all this was in vain, and his eyebrows disappeared for a while.

Shi En’s eyebrows fluttered and fluttered with the strong wind, and finally they landed in a bird’s nest on a tree. The bird is worried that there is no soft thing to make a cushion for the bird’s egg. Seeing two bunches of thick eyebrows falling from the sky, I was very happy, and immediately put the eyebrows under the bird’s egg.

A few days later, the bird eggs hatched. Shi En just passed under that tree. He heard the birds chirping and was overjoyed, so he stopped and climbed the tree to catch the birds. To his surprise, he found his missing eyebrows in the bird’s nest. He took away the eyebrows and left the bird. But what made Shi’en dumbfounded was that her eyebrows were covered with bird droppings.

Shi En quickly ran home with his eyebrows, and threw the eyebrows into the washing machine. After washing them, he threw his eyebrows into the dryer again. But when he took out his eyebrows, the joy was gone: the eyebrows had shrunk and became very, very small. He tried to glue his little eyebrows. But the eyebrows are too small, as small as nothing.

What should I do? Shi En thought and thought, and finally came up with an idea. He took off his eyebrows again and tied one end to the door handle, then he elongated his eyebrows and tied the other end of the eyebrows to the rear frame of the bicycle. Everything was arranged, Shi En rode a bicycle. This is the idea Shi En came up with: He wants to use a bicycle to lengthen his eyebrows.

A few minutes later, Shi En stopped the car and went back to collect the longer eyebrows. However, the eyebrows became too long again. “What should I do now?” Shi En looked at her long eyebrows again, worrying.

“Ah, I have a way!” Shi En came up with another good idea.

Shi En was busy all night. The next day, he put on his work: an eyebrow hat! Everyone was envious and jealous when seeing this special eyebrow hat.

“What a cool hat, mercy!”

“I want one too!”

What everyone said gave Shi En a new idea.

A few days later, Shi En opened a company specializing in the production of eyebrow hats. These eyebrow hats are very popular, and Shien made a lot of money as a result. He used the money to buy a lot of bird food to feed the birds.

Today, Shi En still has no eyebrows, but he is very happy.

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