Ticklish little fish

Mom and Tintin are playing in the forest.

They listened to the birds singing and watched the butterflies dancing among the flowers. Tintin was still running around in the forest, counting the flowers on the grass:

“One, two, three, four, five…”

Tired of playing, they came to a stream, in the grass beside the stream, A frog was singing:


There were a few small fishes swimming happily in the stream.

Ding Ding was sitting by the stream, and his mother was hugging him. Ding Ding took off his socks and put his bare feet into the cool stream.

Little fish who swim around Tintin’s little feet ah tour, a fat little fish said: “Oh, streams in the addition of two fish, two fish has five small head!”

Two thin The thin little fish swam under Ding Ding’s feet and raised his head to kiss his two little feet together. Tin Ding’s feet were itchy, and he smiled straight to his feet:

“Hahahaha…” The

two thin fishes were happy. , They said: “These two fish with five small heads are still ticklish!” It was

late and the sun was going down.

The little birds on the tree have all gone home.

Ding Ding is going home too. He lifted his foot and waved his bare feet towards the stream and said, “Goodbye, little fishes

!” The

little fishes jumped out of the water happily and said,

“Goodbye, there are five Goodbye, ticklish little fish with a small head!”

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