Toby and Sanchi

This is a sunny afternoon.

“Oh! Sanchi, our boat is about to capsize! You stop now, don’t row!” Toby the rabbit yelled, he was very nervous. It is not fun to fall into the river. He is a rabbit, not an otter, so he is not good at swimming.

Little Bear Sanchi is still very calm: “Don’t worry, Toby. I’m a good hand.” Holding the oar, he rowed left and right unruly, the boat swayed even harder.

“Oh my God!”

The boat finally capsized. “Plop” and “Plop”, Toby and Sanchi fell into the water successively.

Toby and Sanchi are the best and best friends. Because they like each other so much, they moved their family together and became neighbors. Every morning, when Toby opens the window and breathes the first breath of fresh air, he can see Sanchi stretching across the door. Then they said to each other: “Good morning!”

Sanchi’s dream is to become a navigator and travel the world in a boat. However, Sanchi’s sense of balance is very strange, telling him not to give up. No, Toby has come to practice rowing with Sange again. It’s a pity that Sanchi’s boating skills have not improved a little.

Toby and Sanchi dragged their wet bodies back home. Sanchi was depressed.

Early the next morning, Sange knocked on the door of Toby’s house.

“Toby, I’ve decided! I’m going to the South Pacific to learn how to sail.” Sanchi said.

Toby was surprised: “Where is the South Pacific? Is it far from here?”

Sanchi touched his head and said, “I don’t know, but it must be very far away from here. There is a very famous navigator there. I want to worship him as a teacher!”

“Oh, isn’t it?” Toby was a little sad. The best and best friend is going far, far away.

“Then are you coming back?” Toby asked Sanchi.

“Of course! When I learn how to sail, I can drive you around the world in a big boat. Toby, you have to wait for me!” The tall Sanchi gently touched Toby’s head and said to him seriously. He said. Suddenly, Toby didn’t seem to feel sad anymore, but was full of beautiful expectations for the future. What a wonderful thing to travel around the world! He gave Sanchi a supportive hug.

Sanchi is leaving for the South Pacific. Toby packed a lot of expectation and care into Sanchi’s suitcase, which contained a group photo of them laughing, Sanchi’s favorite book and favorite chestnut. The Titanic Sanchi couldn’t lift the box anymore.

“Will you write to me?” Toby asked.

“Of course!” But, he was going to the South Pacific, what a remote place, the pigeon sending the letter might not be able to fly there!

“Toby, I will find a way to get Haiyan to deliver the letter to the pigeon postman.”

“Thank you, Sanchi. I will miss you.”

“I will miss you too, Toby.”

Two best best friends, hug each other and say goodbye.

After Sanchi left, Toby remembered his dream. Sangqi worked so hard to realize his dream, shouldn’t he also cheer?

Toby wants to be the best gardener in the forest. He began to learn to deal with plants from the most prestigious Grandpa Goat in the gardening world. He planted all kinds of beautiful flowers around Sanqi and his house. He also opened a garden with many fruit trees planted in it. Sanqi came back. It’s delicious.

Busy among fruit trees and flowers every day, Toby forgets that time has slowly passed by, forgets that he has not received Sanchi’s letter, and forgets the sadness of not having a good friend by his side.

It was another sunny afternoon. The pigeon sent a letter. The smell of the sea permeates the envelope.

“Dear Toby, three years have passed. I am a real master now. I am finally coming back. How are you?”

Toby looked at the mature chestnuts in the garden and smiled happily.

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