Tom Thumbs

There used to be a poor woodcutter, and the husband and wife have never had children. One night he sat by the fire in his cabin thinking about his thoughts, while his wife sat beside him spinning a thread. The woodcutter said: “We are sitting here, there are no children laughing and amusing. How lonely it is. Looking at other people’s families with children, how happy the family looks!”

“You are right,” the wife said in the same way, sighed, and turned the spinning wheel to continue, “If we have our own child, even if there is only one, it will be so happy! Even if this child is very young, We will love him wholeheartedly.” After a while, the wish of this kind woman really came true. As she had hoped, she gave birth to a little boy. After the baby was born, he was quite healthy and strong, but he was not much bigger than her thumb. But they still said: “Awesome! Even though he is so small, our wish has come true. We will use all our enthusiasm to love him.” Because he is too young, they call him Tom Thumbs.

Although they try to let him eat as much as possible, he just doesn’t grow tall and is always as old as he was when he was born. However, there was a spirit and vitality in his eyes, and it was soon revealed that he was a smart little guy, always doing things in an orderly manner, which made his parents quite satisfied.

One day, the woodsman was going to the woods to chop wood. He said, “I really hope someone can help me drive the carriage away, so that I will be much faster.”

“Hi, Dad!” Tom cried, “I’ll help you, and I will drive the car to the woods in time as you ask.” The woodcutter laughed and said, “How is this possible? The reins are out of reach.” “Dad, it’s okay,” Tom said. “As long as Mom puts the horse on the horse, I will stay in the horse’s ears and tell it which way to go.” Dad had to agree, “Okay!” Then give it a try.” After that, he went first by himself.

When it was time to start, Mom put the horse on the cart and put Tom in the horse’s ears. After the little man sat inside, he began to direct the horse on the road. When he wants to leave, he shouts “Oh drive!” When he wants to stop, he calls “Yu——!” So the carriage walked towards the woods purposefully, just like the woodcutter himself was driving the car. After walking for a while, the car ran a little faster, Tom immediately shouted: “Oh, oh!” At this moment, two strangers came over. When they saw the situation, one said, “There is such a strange thing!” A carriage was walking by itself, and heard the coachman yelling, but no one could be seen.” Another said, “It’s a bit strange. Let’s follow the carriage to see where it will go.” Then they followed the carriage and walked in. The woods finally came to the place where the woodcutter was. Big thumbs up Tom when he saw his father, he immediately shouted: “Dad, come and see! I am here, I have rushed the carriage safely, now take me down.” His father held the horse in one arm and with the other. Take the son out of the horse’s ears and put him on the straw, and Tom sat on it, very happy.

The two strangers had been watching from the side, seeing all this, they were so surprised that they didn’t even know what to say. Finally, one of them pulled the other aside and said, “If we can get this kid and take him to exhibitions in various cities, he will definitely make us rich. We have to buy him.” So they left. When he went to the woodcutter, he told him that they wanted to buy this little man. He also said, “It will be better for him to be with us than with you.” Father said, “My own beloved baby is better than all the others in the world. Both silver and gold are more valuable.” But when Tom heard the deal they wanted to make, he climbed onto his father’s coat, reached his shoulder, and quietly said to his ear: “Dad, take the money. Now, let them take me away, and I will return to you soon.”

Therefore, the woodcutter finally agreed to sell Tom to the two strangers for a large piece of gold. One of them asked Tom: “Where do you want to sit?” “Hey, just put me on the brim of your hat. For me, it’s a good balcony. I can walk on it and along the way. Look at the rural scenery.” They met his request.

After Tom bid farewell to his father, they took him away.

When it came to dusk, the little man said: “I’m sleepy, let me get down.” The man took off his hat and placed him on a block of dirt in the roadside field. Tom ran around between the furrows, and finally slipped into a hole abandoned by a mouse, and shouted, “Masters, good night! I’m leaving, next time I have to pay attention and watch me carefully. Yeah.” They walked over immediately, stabbed into the mouse hole with their sticks, and tossed for a while, but all was in vain, because Tom had already crawled inside. Before long, it was completely dark, and they had to leave dejectedly with their hands down.

After confirming that they had left, Tom crawled out of the hole. Seeing that it was so dark outside, he was a little scared, and said to himself: “How dangerous it is to walk in this kind of field. It’s so dark, if I accidentally fall from these big clods, my neck will break. “Fortunately, he found a big empty snail shell, and he said excitedly: “Thank God! I can now have a good night’s sleep in it.”

After speaking, he climbed in.

He was about to fall asleep when he heard two people passing by. One of them said to the other: “How do we steal the rich man’s gold and silver?” After hearing this, Tom shouted immediately, “I’ll tell you. !” The thief was shocked when he heard it, and asked, “What is this sound? I clearly heard someone talking.” They immediately stopped and listened. Tom said again, “Take me with you, and I will let you know how to steal that person’s money soon.” The two thieves said, “But where are you?” Tom replied, “You are on the ground.” Look inside, and pay attention to where the sound is coming from.” Finally, they found him, took him in their hands and asked, “You little naughty boy, what can you do for us?” “I can get from that person Climb in between the bars of the house where you live and throw out what you want.”

“This is a good idea,” said the thief. “Let’s go! Let’s see what you can do.”

When they came to the rich man’s house, Tom quietly climbed over the window rails, slipped into the house, and then shouted as best he could: “Do you want everything here?” Hearing his shouts, two thieves Shocked and hurriedly said: “Shhh! Speak quietly, you will wake up the people in the room.” But Tom pretended not to understand them, and continued to shout: “How much do you want? Want me Throw everything out?” This time, his voice was heard by the cook who was sleeping in the next room, and she sat up from the bed, listening attentively with her ears open. At this moment, the two thieves were even more panicked when he heard him talking loudly again, and ran back. After running for a while, I felt a little unwilling, so he mustered up his courage and said, “This little guy is playing tricks on us as idiots. Let’s not be frightened by him.” So they came back and gently treated him. Said: “This is not the time to joke with us, hurry up and throw out the money.” Tom opened his voice again and shouted: “Okay, you can reach out and pick it up.” The cook heard quite clearly this time, and immediately got out of bed. Jumping up and rushing to open the door, the two thieves ran away like wolves with their tails clamped.

The cook looked around, but found nothing, and went in and lit a lamp. When she returned, Tom had already sneaked into the barn. The chef carefully inspected every corner of the house, but still found no abnormalities. She thought she was dreaming with her eyes open, so she went back to bed and went to bed.

Little Tom crawled around in the haystack, and finally found a comfortable place to lie down. He planned to wait for dawn before getting up and going back to his parents.

There are unpredictable weather, and people have misfortunes and blessings. What happened the next day was too cruel, too painful, and too unfortunate for Tom Thumb.

It’s not dawn on this day, and the chef got up, and she was going to feed the cows with fodder. She went straight to the haystack and carried a large bundle for the cows to eat. Little Tom slept soundly in this hay bale, not knowing what had happened. The cow was eating slowly, and even the grass and Little Tom were rolled into his mouth. When he woke up, he was already in the cow’s mouth. “Alas!” Little Tom cried, “Why did I roll into the pulverizer?” But the reality is no longer to allow him to think about it. In order to prevent himself from being caught between his teeth and bitten, he had to Concentrated on using his cleverness and dexterity to avoid, and finally entered the cow’s stomach with the fodder. When he came into the cow’s belly, he could not see anything, and sighed: “This place is too dark. They must have forgotten to have windows in this house so the sun can’t get in. But it’s not bad to light a candle. .”

Although he had been very unfortunate, he was now in this place that he didn’t like at all. What’s worse was that more and more fodder was fed in, and the space he could stay in became less and less. In a hurry, he yelled: “Don’t send me any more fodder! Don’t send me any more fodder!” The maid was milking the cow at the moment, hearing voices, and seeing no one, and this The sound was clearly the same sound she heard last night. She was so scared that she fell off the stool, and even the milking bucket was overturned. She hurriedly ran to her master and said, “Sir, sir, that The cow is talking!” But her master said, “You woman, you must be crazy!” Then, he and the maid went to the bullpen to see what was going on. Their feet just got in. At the threshold, Little Tom shouted again: “Don’t bring me any more fodder!” The owner was shocked when he heard that, he thought the cow must be wicked, and hurriedly asked someone to kill the cow. After the cow was killed, the cow’s stomach containing Tom Thumb was thrown on the dung pile outside.

Hearing there was no movement outside, Tom was struggling to crawl out, but the cow’s stomach was full of fodder, and he struggled to get up. When he just stretched out his head with great effort, a new disaster came on him again: a hungry wolf jumped over and swallowed the whole cow’s stomach with Tom into his stomach in one bite.

Nevertheless, Tom was not discouraged. He thought that the wolf might be able to chat with him while walking, so he shouted: “Dear friend, I can take you to a place where there are so many things you love to eat. “When the wolf heard it, no matter where it came from, he asked quickly: “Where is that place?” Tom told the wolf about the place where his father lived, and then said: “You can Climb into the kitchen from the drain, where you can find cakes, ham, beef, and all kinds of things you want to eat.” The wolf did not wait for him to say it a second time, and came to his father’s place in the dark night. He got into the kitchen through the gutter and drank happily. After the wolf has eaten and drank enough, he can’t go out again. Because it eats too much, its belly is so swollen that it can’t do it anymore when it goes out of the gutter. Tom estimated that it was almost there, and began to let go of his voice and yelled. The wolf hurriedly said: “Can you be quiet? You yell like this will wake up the people in the house.” The little man said, “What’s wrong with me? You are full now, happy, and I want to be happy, too.” “After speaking, I opened my throat again, singing and yelling again.

As a result, the woodcutter and his wife were awakened by the sound. They got up in a hurry, looked in from the crack in the kitchen door, and saw that there was a wolf inside. They were shocked.

The woodcutter hurried to get an axe, then gave his wife a sickle with a long handle, and said to her, “You follow behind, and when I chop with an axe on its head, you use the sickle. Cut its belly.”

When Tom heard this, he hurriedly shouted: “Dad, Dad! I am here, and the wolf has swallowed me in his stomach.”

When his father heard this, he said excitedly: “Thank God, we have found our baby son again.” He was worried that his wife would cut his son, and immediately asked her to throw the scythe, holding an axe, and aiming at the wolf’s head fiercely. The ground slashed away, and was slashing on top of the wolf’s head. The wolf was dead.

They cut open the wolf’s belly and released their thumbs. “Ah!” His father breathed a sigh of relief and said, “We are so scared for you!”

Tom replied: “Well, Dad, after we parted, I traveled a lot, and now I am so happy to breathe fresh air.”

“Ah, where are you?” his father asked.

“I went through the mouse hole, stayed in the snail shell, went into the throat of the cow, and finally got into the belly of the wolf. But I am here safely and well now.” After the son finished, they said in unison, “Thank you. God, we will never sell you again, even if it is exchanged for all the wealth in the world, we will not sell it.” After finishing speaking, they hugged their baby son tightly, kept kissing him, and gave it to him. A lot of food and drink, and brought new clothes for him, because his original clothes were completely damaged in this adventure.

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