Tug-of-war horse competition

You would say: wrong, wrong topic, it should be a tug of war.

No, I’m talking about tug-of-war horse competitions.

Mr. Hippo is a big fat man, he doesn’t like sports, the longer he gets, the fatter he gets. His friend, Mr. Donkey, is a thin man. He doesn’t like sports either. The longer he gets, the thinner he gets.

One day, Mr. Hippo came to Mr. Donkey’s house as a guest.

As soon as he walked in, he sat down on a beautiful chair in Mr. Donkey’s house. But when he left, he couldn’t stand up anyway.

The fat Mr. Hippo got stuck in the thin chair of Mr. Donkey’s house.

Mr. Donkey invited the doctor Baihe and the carpenter Old Wolf to rescue Mr. Hippo.

The doctor Bai He took out his stethoscope and listened carefully to Mr. Hippo’s heart. He comforted Mr. Hippo and said that he was not life-threatening, but there was only one way to get out of the chair-to lose weight. Mr. Hippo will not eat or drink for a week, maybe the thin chair will let him go.

“Oh my God!” Mr. Hippo cried, “If I don’t eat or drink for a week, I will starve to death!”

Carpenter Old Wolf interrupted on the side. He said, “I’ll do it. Let me use an axe and a saw to dismantle the chair. Wouldn’t Mr. Hippo come out?”

“Oh my God!” This time it was Mr. Donkey’s turn to call, and he said, “This chair is a treasure from my family’s ancestors. My grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather once sat on it…”

In the end, the clever bunny put forward: “Let’s hold a tug-of-war horse competition!”

Everyone carried Mr. Hippo and the chair to the river.

The little bear, little rabbit, little monkey, white crane, and squirrel grabbed Mr. Hippo’s hand while the old wolf, badger, panda, rooster, and hedgehog grabbed the leg of the chair.

Mr. Hippo yelled one, two, three, and everyone worked hard and finally pulled Mr. Hippo out of the chair.

Since then, everyone has fallen in love with this “tug-of-war horse” activity, but they replaced Mr. Hippo and the chair with a rope because they couldn’t keep Mr. Hippo stuck in the chair.

Everyone called this interesting activity a tug-of-war horse competition.

As for Mr. Hippo, he is a natural referee waving a small flag.

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