Two badgers fighting

Two neatly dressed badgers had to fight for little things.

The little bear asked them, “Is there no other solution?”

“Nothing,” said the badgers angrily, “you must fight!”

Little Bear said helplessly: “Just hit it.”

Little Bear looked at the two badgers and stretched out his hands and said, “Please take out all the wallets in your pockets.”

“Why?” the two badgers asked in surprise.

“I can use this money to buy medicine, and you will definitely get a bloody blow.”

The two badgers looked at each other, both reached into their pockets, took out the money, and said viciously, “Take it, I don’t care!”

Little Bear took the money and said, “Give me the hats on your heads.”

“Why?” the two badgers asked in surprise.

“You will knock your hats down the river.”

“Take it!” the two badgers said fiercely.

The little bear took the hat and said, “Take off your top too, you will tear it up.”

The two badgers hummed in their noses and took off their coats.

Cub continued: “Take off your pants, too. It’s a shame to tear your pants.”

The two badgers took off their pants a little dejectedly.

These are two badgers wearing shorts and panties. They looked at each other’s funny look, and they were a little bit dumbfounded. They seemed to be ready to fight with themselves in the mirror.

The cold wind made them tremble a little.

The two badgers didn’t want to fight anymore, they wanted their pants back first.

Little Bear said: “You didn’t fight, and the pants are not torn.”

They then asked for their shirts again.

Little Bear said: “If there is a fight, this shirt will definitely not be so pretty.”

They asked for their hats again.

Little Xiong said: “People who wear such a nice hat shouldn’t fight.”

They asked for their wallets again.

The little bear said: “Shake your hands, because you didn’t fight, you didn’t lose your armor, your heads were broken, and you still have pocket money. Thank yourself and thank each other too!”

The two badgers laughed.

They shook hands vigorously with each other, and they shook hands with the bear kindly.

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