Two brooms

The broom in the little bakery and the broom in the big bread house are twin brothers, they look exactly the same. They were made by the same master on the same day and bought at the same grocery store at the same time. However, the two broomsticks have completely different personalities.

The brooms of the little bakery are diligent. Every day, the grandpa takes it and cleans the shop and the outside.

The broomstick of the Big Bread House is lazy. Inside and outside the house, there is rubbish and dust everywhere. The broom turned a blind eye, too lazy to move.

Diligent broom loves tidy, every time I finish sweeping the floor, I take a bath myself. It has been used for a month, and it looks like a new one.

The lazy broom sleeps on the ground all day long, black from head to toe, as if picked up from a garbage dump.

Mr. Fool’s broom is so lazy that he has never seen it sweep the floor. Is it still called a broom? Grandpa couldn’t stand it anymore, and shook his head and said, “Mr. Stupid bought a lazy broom.”

Mr. Stupid took a look at the rubbish all over the floor. It was dirty and messy. How do you do bread business? He lost his temper and scolded the broom: “You sweep the floor, why don’t you sweep the floor?” The

lazy broom didn’t say a word, and he didn’t even bother to move his mouth.

“I need a diligent broom.” Mr. Fuzzy looked at the grandfather’s diligent broom, very envious. His small eyes turned, and a ghost idea came.

Early the next morning, Mr. Fuzzy grabbed the lazy broom and sneaked into the little bakery. He bends over and tiptoes, the old man and Peter the bread wolf didn’t find him. He put down the lazy broom, took the diligent broom and ran home.

The lazy broom was replaced with a diligent broom, and Mr. Stupid was very happy. He threw down the Diligent Broom and gave an order: “Sweep the floor.” The

Diligent Broom ignored Mr. Dirty and sulked against the corner.

Mr. Fuzzy lay on a chair and smoked. After a while, he found that the ground was still so dirty. The diligent broom is not diligent, and Mr. Fuzzy is disappointed: “The diligent broom has become a lazy broom.”

The two brooms were tall, short, fat and thin. Grandpa didn’t know that Mr. Dou had changed the broomsticks. He wears a broom for sanitation as usual, sweeps cleanly in and out of the shop. Mr. Fuzzy saw him, and he was very strange: “The lazy broom became a diligent broom in the hands of the old

man . Why is this?” Mr. Fuzzy did not understand, the broom in the hand of the diligent is a diligent broom, and the broom in the hand of a lazy man is lazy. Broom.

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