Tyrannosaurus with hat

Mother Tyrannosaurus gave birth to four beautiful dinosaur eggs. She expects that there will be four healthy and smart babies living in it, and they will come out together when summer comes, whispering around herself and calling “Mom”.

The first, second, and third dinosaur eggs were all cracked, and three healthy and cute little dinosaurs jumped out. Mother held them in her arms for a while, then held them up high, kissed and kissed, and was so happy from ear to ear.

There was only one egg left, and my mother hoped that he would crack it quickly. However, after waiting for several days, there was still no movement. My mother became worried: “Nothing will go wrong with the fourth child, right?” Waiting and waiting, the egg still didn’t move.

Just when my mother was about to give up and turn to leave, with a “click”, a little gray guy emerged from the last dinosaur egg. He is very thin and small, with a large eggshell on his head.

The mother smiled and walked over, trying to help the poor little son remove the eggshell from the top of his head.

“Oh-” the little guy screamed in pain. Only then did my mother discover that the big eggshell on the old fourth’s head turned out to grow with the meat on his head.

Mom cried, and left the fourth child and left. Who made them a Tyrannosaurus rex? The strong Tyrannosaurus rex does not allow such disabled monsters to live in the group.

Old Si stood alone among a pile of broken eggshells. The sun hung high in the sky, shining his shadow on the ground: thin body, small limbs, and a big round hat on the pointed head.

The fourth child is hungry. The fourth child is cold. The old four called “Mom, Mom” ​​repeatedly, but no one answered. He was very sad.

A torrent of rain came down, and the animals had no time to escape. The fourth child laughed. He found that he was the only one who was not afraid of rain—he had a big hat on his head. He walked leisurely in the rain, very happy.

“Help!” A dragonfly fell into the muddy water after its wings were wet by the rain. The fourth child hurried over and put him under his big hat. Soon, the dragonfly’s wings dried up and flew lightly beside the old four ears: “Thank you, little dinosaur with an umbrella!”

The old fourth smiled: “I’m not a little dinosaur with an umbrella, please call me Tyrannosaurus with a hat!”

The weather in summer is really weird. Once the rain stopped, the sun became hot like a fire again. An old beetle was soaked by the sun that it was almost smoking, moaning on the ground.

The fourth child held the beetle under his big hat to enjoy the cool. The beetle slowly recovered its strength, and said: “Thank you, little dinosaur holding a parasol!”

The fourth child shook his head: “I am not a little dinosaur holding a sun umbrella, please call me Tyrannosaurus wearing a hat!”

In this way, the insects in the Jurassic Forest all knew the “hat-wearing Tyrannosaurus”. The fourth child also became busy. When it rains, he is a “little dinosaur holding an umbrella”, picking up dragonfly children who are afraid of water to and from school. When the sun was scorching, he became a “little dinosaur holding a parasol”, providing shade for those weak insects. On a cloudy day with neither rain nor sun, he became a “Tyrannosaurus wearing a hat”, thinking of his mother sadly.

However, most of the time the fourth child is very happy because he has food, shelter, friends, smiles and applause from everyone.

On this day, there were so many dark clouds in the sky, thick and heavy, and the whole forest was as dark as night. The heavy rain was coming soon, everyone stayed at home to take shelter, but the mother beetle started to cry. It turned out that her three children were playful and forgot to go home. It is impossible for them to come back alive in the rainstorm.

The fourth child said: “I’m going to find them!”

Mother Beetle looked at the night-like sky outside and said, “Danger!”

The fourth child still smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’m a Tyrannosaurus in a hat!” A second before the rain fell, he found three small beetles that were so scared that they shrank into a ball. Under the hat, he hurried back.

The raindrops were very heavy, falling on his hat, making a “da da” sound, smashing his head slightly painful. He held the three little guys on his shoulders with one hand, and waved desperately with the other, running faster and faster. Finally, the fourth child returned the three little guys to the arms of Mother Beetle.



Everyone stared at the fourth child and cried out strangely.

“Where’s your hat?” Grandpa Dragonfly asked strangely, holding on to the reading glasses.

Old Siyi touched his head and found that the top of his head was bald. The hat is gone!

He turned his head in fear and looked outside. It turned out that it was not rainstorm but hail. Along the way, his big hat had been smashed into pieces by hail and scattered in the mud.

Everyone became sad and came to comfort the fourth one: “You don’t have a hat now, go find your mother, she will never treat you as a monster again!”

However, the fourth child lowered his head, said nothing, and did not go to his mother.

The sky was clear, and the fourth child who had no “sun umbrella” stayed in the house, looking at the busy friends outside the house. The dragonfly flew around, holding pieces of sturdy fruit shells. The beetle collects pieces of nails left by its ancestors. The grubs are also busy, spitting out a lot of sticky glue. Only him, without his hat, seemed useless at all.

On another heavy rainy day, the dragonflies, beetles and grubs did not go out, were they busy in the house until the rain cleared.

“Come out quickly, little dinosaur!” In the sun, everyone was yelling to the fourth child.

The fourth child raised his head. He saw countless dragonflies hovering in the sky outside the house, and they even worked together to hold a huge hat.

He understands that these days, everyone is busy making a new hat for him. The materials are the shells found by the dragonflies and the nail pieces found by the beetles. Finally, the glue spit out by the grubs is used to make it dense and shiny.

The fourth child walked out the door happily. At this time, the dragonflies flew higher and soared to the top of the fourth child’s head.

“One, two, three–” The dragonflies released their hats at the same time, letting it land firmly on the little dinosaur’s head.

“I am a Tyrannosaurus wearing a hat! I am a Tyrannosaurus wearing a hat!” The fourth child exclaimed excitedly.

The rainbow in the sky happened to be reflected on that shiny new hat, it was so beautiful.

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