Ugly duckling

w me to be in the reed Lie down and drink some marsh water, that’s enough. “The Ugly Duckling thought with inferiority.

He lay there for two days. On the third day, a hunter came, and they took the hunting dogs around in the swamp. A terrifyingly big hunting dog rushed to the ugly duckling. It had fierce eyes and a long tongue. , Showing pointed teeth, but he quickly ran away. The ugly duckling sighed deeply and said, “Oh, I’m so ugly that I don’t even bite the hounds! When it gets dark, the swamp finally calms down. The ugly duckling lay there and dared not move. After a long time, he He just stood up and looked around, and then ran desperately. Now, he came to a dilapidated farmhouse. He got up through the crack of the door and saw an old woman sitting with her cat and hen.

The cat is the gentleman of this family, and the hen is the wife of this family. They speak very loudly, and they say “us and this world” when they open their mouths. When the ugly duckling wanted to express a different opinion, the hen always asked: “Will you lay eggs?” Of course, the ugly duckling would not. The hen unceremoniously told him to “less talk nonsense”. The cat did not show weakness, arched her back and asked, “Can you make Mimi’s call?” Of course, the ugly duckling couldn’t, so the cat rudely asked him to “close his mouth.”

The ugly duckling felt uncomfortable. He suddenly had a desire to swim in the water and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air outside. “That would be great!” He couldn’t help but said to the hen.

The hen screamed: “You are probably crazy, right? You go ask the cat, or ask the old woman, do you think they will approve of this weird idea of ​​you” You don’t know me. “The ugly duckling said, “I think, I’d better go out.”
So, the ugly duckling left the farmhouse, came to a small river, jumped in and swam.

One evening, a group of swans flew out of the bushes. They flapped their white wings, stretched their long necks, and yelled over the ugly duckling’s head. The Ugly Duckling had never seen such a beautiful bird before. Thinking of his ugliness, he felt ashamed of himself.

Winter came, the weather became very cold and cold, and the river became more and more bitter. The ugly duckling had to swim around for a moment, lest the surface of the water freeze. But in the end, he fainted, and he clumped together with the ice.

When he woke up, he was already lying in a farmer’s house. Several children were surrounding him, trying to play with him, so scared that he jumped into the milk tray, then flew onto the butter bowl, and then fell into the flour bucket. Finally, he rushed out of the gate and plunged into the reeds of the swamp until the lark sang the song of spring.

The spring sun was so good, it shone warmly on the ugly duckling, making him feel more comfortable than ever before. He flapped his wings and suddenly flew into the sky, flying all the way into a large garden.

Three beautiful swans-the birds he once admired so much were swimming towards him, so he swam towards them too. He lowered his head humbly in front of these noble birds, but was surprised to find that he in the water turned out to be a swan!

Several children ran over, and one of them exclaimed happily, “Look at that new swan!” They clapped their hands, danced, and greeted their parents to come and see. Everyone said, “Wow, This new one is the best looking one!”

New Swan embarrassedly hid his head under his wings. He felt so happy. He said over and over in his heart: “When I was an ugly duckling, I never dreamed that I would have so much happiness! “But he is not proud at all, because a good heart can never be proud.

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