Unusual rooster

Mr. Jagbel decided to talk to Bovalli. At noon that day, after Bovalli reported the time, Mr. Jagbelle put his head out of the window and shouted, “Hey, Bovalli!”
“What’s the matter, Mr. Jagbel?” Povali responded.
“I have noticed your extraordinary performance,” Mr. Jagbele said. “I believe that the other roosters in the village crow only at dawn, and you crow every hour. It is indeed very smart. But I I think if you can behave like other roosters, I think it will be better.”
Povali straightened his chest and said, “The other roosters only crow at dawn because they don’t have pocket watches. And I have a pocket watch, so it’s my duty to report the rest of the day.”
Mr. Jagbel did not want to give up so easily. The next day, when Bovalli was calling the time again in the yard, he shouted again: “Hey, Bovalli!”
“What’s the matter, Mr. Jagbele?” the cock replied, “please don’t tell me to give up my pocket watch. Everyone knows the time by my pocket watch.”
Mr. Jagbele smiled and said: “Look, when I am studying learning, there is no need to know the time. When my stomach growls, I know it’s time to eat. After sunset, I go to sleep. So I suggest you go to other places in the village to tell the time.”
Povali said impatiently: “You are so selfish! Maybe you don’t appreciate the service I provide, but I assure you that your neighbors are very grateful to me.”
Poor Mr. Jagbele didn’t know what to do. He plugged his ears with cotton, wrapped his head with clothes (guǒ), and closed all windows tightly. But nothing can stop the rooster Bovalli’s loud chime every hour.
In the end, Mr. Jagbele could no longer bear it. “Bovalli!” he yelled angrily out the window, “when I was completely immersed in the book, time flies quickly. And since you crow every hour, time is too slow for me It’s like a snail crawling. I’m really bored!”

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