Very young brother

Jimmy Flower:
In the eyes of the younger brother Ji Dali, he is a little greedy, a little angry, and a little overbearing.
But self-evaluation is a soft-hearted, lovely, and manageable young lady.

Ji Dali:
Jimmy Flower’s ever-changing little brother, because he is young, is often loved and often deceived. I have been a teacher, a security guard, a witch, a gorilla, a knight, a hunter, Hailibu, a pourer…

Auspicious star:
a puppy with a squirrel tail, a champion chewing bone, and many sets of fashionable clothes. Knows how to hold shoes and act like a baby, and is also a loyal student of Ji Dali.
Dad who can tickle his beard.
Amy’s mother who changes beautiful clothes every day.

1. terrible shoehorn

guitar vigorously things like turn, my mother did not suffer less criticism at home. But this winter vacation, he and his little sister Jimmyhua came to the village’s grandmother’s house.
Ji Dali dug out a flat, smooth object that was more than a foot long in the shoe cupboard.
“What is this?” He felt so strange, and quietly called Jimmy Flower, “Sister, what do you think this is for?”
Jimmy Flower took the mysterious object, and after careful analysis and analysis, he said, “It looks like a rolling pin! ”
Impossible! The rolling pin is round, this one is flat!” Ji Dali denied it without hesitation.
“This is the spoon for making dumplings.” Jimmy Hua said.
“We use a small wooden spoon for stuffing. How big is the dumpling?”
“Yeah, what is it for?”
“I don’t think it has anything to do with the food. Who would put the cooking utensils in the shoe cupboard? Where’s it? That’s too unhygienic!” Ji Dali said.
“Maybe grandparents were confused for a while and put them in the wrong place.”
“Who is confused by you two?” Grandma walked out of the kitchen.
“I didn’t say you, we just guessed what this thing is for.” Jimmy Flower said.
“This is a shoehorn, used to lift shoes, but when your father was a kid, he was beaten by the shoehorn and his butt was beaten red by the shoehorn.” Grandma said.
“Huh?” Ji Dali was shocked. He is also very naughty and won’t suffer a shoehorn, right? He quickly put the shoehorn in the shoe cupboard.
Before going to bed at night, he got up again and hid the shoehorn in a secret place. He was afraid that someday he would get into trouble by himself, and grandma would use a shoehorn to beat him like a dad.
The next day, Ji Dali insisted on letting his neighbor’s little friend Er Bao to be a dog to pull a sledge. Er Bao disagreed, and the two started fighting. As a result, Ji Dali pushed Er Bao into the snowdrift and ran home crying. Up.
Ji Dali was very angry, didn’t he just pull the sledge? As for crying? If his shoes are not slippery, he can also be a dog.
When he pushed open the door of grandma’s house angrily, Grandpa was holding the shoehorn in his hand not knowing what he was going to do.
“Grandpa, I was wrong! Wow, wow!” Ji Dali thought that what he was afraid of finally happened. He hid the shoehorn in the clothes room behind the door. How did his grandfather find out?
“Dali, don’t cry, tell grandpa what’s wrong?” Grandpa saw Ji Dali howling like a pig, panicked, and hurriedly put down his shoehorn, and forgot about carrying his shoes to the vegetable cellar to pick up potatoes. .
“Then you have to throw the shoehorn out of the door, I said.”
“What does it have to do with the shoehorn?” Grandpa and the second monk couldn’t figure it out, but seeing the grandson was so scared, he quickly threw the shoehorn out the door. Outside.
Ji Dali wiped her tears and said, “It’s okay. I did nothing wrong. No one is allowed to pick up the shoehorn in the future!”
Jimmy Hua didn’t care about it. She knew that Ji Dali was afraid of shoehorns, so she ran out to get the shoehorn. The shoehorn picked it up.
Ji vigorously glared at her sister and ran away.

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