Visiting Heihejia

The little ant grew up in Heihei. He told Mother Ant that he was going to leave the ant country and walk outside by himself. Also make more friends. Mom agreed.

Leaving the warm home for the first time, ho! The outside world is really fresh: the grass is green, the flowers are fragrant, the sky is blue, the sun is warm, black and black walk all the way, play all the way, he holds a grass for a while and shakes it vigorously , Try his strength; after a while, climb onto Xiangxiang’s petals and roll a few, and turn a few somersaults.

“Hey! This is really a colorful and scented sports field! There is also a swimming pool!” Heihei said that the sports field is the petals, and the swimming pool is a drop of dew on the petals. Hei Hei stretched his little feet into the swimming pool and did not dare to go into the water.

“For safety, let’s wait until I get home and get a swimming ring.” Hei Hei got down from the petals and continued to walk forward, “Hey! There is a flower wall in front of you! Climb up!”

Regardless of Hei Hei is a young man, but he is a master climber. He climbed to the top of the wall three times and turned over. I saw another wall outside the wall. This time, Heihe didn’t climb the wall anymore. He walked along the root of the wall, walking and walking, but he couldn’t get out: It turned out to be a maze! It doesn’t matter, this is fun. Hei Hei has tracking hormones on his body, so he is not afraid to walk through the maze.

There are two round mirrors in the labyrinth, bright, black and black in the mirror: Ha! The self in the mirror is a little fatter, it’s a haha ​​mirror! Heihe reached out and touched it, and suddenly the maze shook. No good, he touched a mechanism, and the maze was about to collapse! Hei Hei was frightened, holding his head and shouting: “Help!”

“Little ant, are you okay?” Heihe heard the voice, raised his head and looked around: the maze is gone, there is only one upright flower snake. Hua She said: “I’m sorry, I was taking a nap, did your hand touch my eyes? I can’t help but move, scaring you?”

“I should be the one who said I’m sorry. Did I hurt your eyes? But I really didn’t know that the bright mirror was your eyes.” Hei Hei said embarrassedly.

Hua She smiled and said, “It’s okay. Make friends! My name is Hua Hua.”

“My name is Heihei!”

Hei Hei and Hua Hua became good friends.

Huahua is amazing! She has no feet and can walk fast. Hei Hei sat on Huahua’s back, as if on an express train.

“Do you want to play a roller coaster?” Huahua asked Heihei.


“Then hold tight.” Huahua climbed up the tree and squirmed up and down the tree. It’s like a roller coaster in motion.

“It’s so exciting!” Heihaig smiled. He had never played such a heart-pounding game.

“The energy is still behind! Close your eyes, hold me tight, don’t let go!” Huahua said.

Hei Hei rode on Huahua’s back, closed his eyes, and let the Huahua arrow shoot out, only to hear the “Huuhu” wind brushing his ears.

“Open your eyes!” Huahua said after a while.

“My God! Is this true?” Hei shouted. It turned out that Huahua came to swim in the river with black back on her back.

“Of course it is true, let you take a big steamer for free.” Hua Hua said with a smile.

“This day is so happy! I also made a good friend Huashehuahua…” Hei Hei told his parents, grandparents, grandparents, uncles and aunts… They were all happy for Hei Hei.

A few days later, it was Hei Hei’s birthday, and Hei Hei decided to invite a good friend to spend some time at his home. He wants to treat his good friends well.

This is a big deal! Heihei invites parents, grandparents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, uncles, aunts, and aunts… to help. Make a great dinner. The black father and mother led a large group of relatives from morning to night, and a sumptuous dinner was finally completed: a deep-fried grasshopper leg; three fried sesame seeds; a melon seed shelled peanut; half a slice of spicy fish scales ; A sweet and sour fly wing; two fish bones and three lotus seeds in a soup.

“Hehe! So fragrant! So rich!” Hei Hei didn’t know how happy he was! He hummed a song and added beautiful red rose petals as a tablecloth on the dining table.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Huahua arrived on time. She saw a table of delicacies carefully cooked by the Heihei family, and smiled: “I have never seen such a sumptuous dinner. Please have a meal soon!” Huahua opened the belt. Coming lily nectar. Let’s celebrate Heihei’s birthday together.

They eat and play at this party, and the ants are very happy!

After dinner, Huashe Huahua went home. At the door, Huahua asked, “Mom, do you have anything to eat? I’m very hungry!”

Yeah! Huahua only ate a grain of fried sesame seeds at Heihei’s house. Even so, Huahua thought it was the most heart-warming and richest dinner!

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