Whale speaking, should you scratch your head?

To speak is to raise your hand and have something to say.

Or, if someone asks you a question, you must stand up and answer!

Just like now, the teacher is standing in front of the blackboard and said: “Mimi, please answer!”

Mimi scratched his head.

Mimi poked her toes.

Mimi shook her head.

Mimi stuck out her tongue.

Mimi frowned…

“Can Mimi answer quickly?” the teacher asked again.

Mimi closed her eyes this time.

However, it was useless at all, and the answer to the question did not appear.

What can I do?

Remember, when Teacher Grasshopper asked the little ladybug, he scratched his head vigorously.

Then, I answered quickly. The grasshopper teacher also rewarded the little ladybug with a shiny drop of water.

The little ladybug was rolling with joy.

Invited little ants and little crickets to row together.

Remember, when Teacher Hippo asked the elephant a question, he poked his toes.

Then, I answered quickly. Teacher Hippo also rewarded the elephant with a big bucket of red mud.

The elephant rolled with joy.

I invited the big lion and the big wild boar to play in the mud.

Remember, when Mr. Loach asked the frog a question, it just shook its head.

Then, I answered quickly. The Loach teacher also rewarded the frog with a colorful hammock.

The frog rolled with joy.

I invited all the frogs in the pond to look at the stars in the forest.

Remember, when Shahu teacher asked the camel a question, it just stuck out its tongue.

Then, I answered quickly. Teacher Shahu also rewarded the camel with a skirt made of jujube.

The camel rolled with joy.

All camels were invited to help him count the number of jujubes.

Remember, when Teacher Ma Ya asked Little Yellow Chicken a question, he frowned.

Then, I answered quickly. Teacher Ma Ya also rewarded the little yellow chicken with a rose-colored fruit candy.

The little yellow chicken was rolling with joy.

I invited Mr. Beaver, a sculptor, to carve fruit candy into a sun lamp.

“Teacher, can I swim around in the classroom and somersault, just like a big whale!” Mimi said.

“Can you answer the question in this way?” the teacher asked.

Mimi nodded vigorously.

Mimi swam round and round in the classroom…

“Can you answer the question?” the teacher asked.

Mimi shook her head and said, “I am a big whale now. Whales can’t speak!”

Then, I sat motionless in my seat!

In fact, the teacher’s question is: can you stay in your seat without moving?

This is really difficult to answer-

Because when a big whale answers a question, it will not scratch its head, poking its toes, shaking its head, sticking out its tongue, frowning…

It will only spray a lot of beautiful splashes!

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