Where did the hillside go

There is a small hill in front of Little Bear’s house. There are dense woods and green grass on the hillside. The grass is full of colorful wildflowers. There is a clear river beside it. It’s so beautiful! Little Bear often goes to the hillside to play, he likes it here.

One day, Bear and his friends went on a trip. They had a great time. Later, Bear said goodbye to his friends and he was going home. The little bear walked and walked, and finally returned to his home, but he was stunned. He couldn’t find the beautiful hillside in front of him. There was only a turbid river flowing. A gust of wind blows, and the dust flying all over the sky makes Little Bear’s eyes unable to open. Little Bear is really anxious! Where is the beautiful hillside?

Little Xiong asked the old locust tree at the door: Grandpa Locust tree, did you drive away the beautiful hillside?

The old locust tree said: It’s not me, my roots can hold the dirt firmly.

The little bear lowered his head and asked a few grasses under the tree: Brother Xiaocao, did you hide the beautiful hillside?

Xiaocao said: My brothers and sisters grow on the hillside, which can protect the soil from being washed away by water.

The little bear shouted at a big bird hovering in the sky: Sister Big Bird, do you know where the beautiful hillside is?

Big Bird: I don’t know. I only saw a lot of people coming a few days ago. They cut down all the trees on the hillside, and my home is gone. I have to move.

Little Bear came to the river again and asked Xiaoyu: Sister Xiaoyu, do you know where the beautiful hillside is?

Xiaoyu: I don’t know. I just think that since a heavy rain a few days ago, the water in the river has become more and more muddy. I can hardly breathe anymore. I have to move quickly.

After hearing what everyone said, the little bear said sadly: “The beautiful hillside is gone. It seems that I have to move too.”

Kids, do you know where the beautiful hillside is?

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