Who is the apple for

The little rabbit went to the forest to pick mushrooms and got lost when he came back. At this time, a little chicken came over and said to her: “I will take you out of the forest!” The

little chicken took the little rabbit and walked out of the forest for a while. The little rabbit said, “Thank you. I hid an apple under the hillside on the other side of the river when I came. Come with me and I will ask you to eat an apple.”

“Okay, thank you!” The little chicken said happily.

They walked and walked, and finally reached the side of the river, but they were dumbfounded: the single-plank bridge over the river was gone. “How can I cross the river!” said the little rabbit anxiously.

At this time, a little hippopotamus swam to the shore and said: “I’ll take you across the river!” “Thank you so much!” The little rabbit and the little chicken said in unison.

The little rabbit and little chicken crossed the river in a “hippo boat”.

After landing, the little rabbit said to the little hippo: “I hid an apple under the hillside, please eat it!”

“Oh, great, thank you!” the little hippo said happily.

Bunny suddenly remembered that he had promised to eat chicken apple, so embarrassed to ask: “? I only have one apple, that to whom you eat”

! “Which

“No, you should give it to me. I have done a lot! If it weren’t for me, you would still be on the other side of the river!” The little hippo said not to be outdone.

“You should give it to me, I have done a lot!”

“You should give it to me, I have done a lot!”

When the chicken and the little hippo were arguing endlessly, a big rock rolled down the hillside. A baby elephant happened to be passing by. He

hurriedly put his nose against the stone and shouted: “Go away, the stone is about to roll down!” The little rabbit, chicken and little hippo hurried away. As soon as the baby elephant withdrew, the big rock rolled into the creek.

The little rabbit hurriedly thanked the little elephant, then took out the apple, held it to him and said, “Thank you for saving our lives. I ask you to eat an apple.”

“I should do what I can to help others when they are in danger. Yes, you should save the apples for yourself! Goodbye!” said the little elephant.

After the elephant left, the chicken and the little hippo blushed. They said to the little rabbit: “We are doing what we can to help you. You should eat the apples yourself!”

“I have a good idea, which is to take the apples. Cut it into three pieces on average, one for each, so that we can all eat apples!” said the rabbit. Both the chicken and the little hippo laughed happily.

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