Winnie and the magic pumpkin

Winnie the witch likes to eat all kinds of vegetables. However, her favorite is pumpkins. Her big black cat Wilbur also likes pumpkin soup with a lot of fragrant cream.

So Winnie decided to grow her own vegetables.

But these vegetables grew too slowly, Winnie tried to use magic to help them grow.

Every Saturday morning, Winnie would jump on the flying broom, Wilbur jumped on her shoulder, and then flew to the farmers market to buy vegetables.

But coming back is not so easy. There are a cat, a bunch of pumpkins, and many other vegetables on the flying broomstick. It is difficult to maintain a balance…

But Winnie was too anxious and used magic too much. As a result, everything in the garden became super big!

The cabbage was as big as a cow, and a thick pumpkin vine was growing up around Winnie’s house. Soon, a giant pumpkin formed on the roof.

“No!” Winnie exclaimed, “This pumpkin will crush my house!” She waved her magic wand and yelled, “Abra Kadabra!” All the behemoths were restored, only this pumpkin Still huge. How can this be finished?

“What can I do with pumpkin shells?” Suddenly, Winnie had an idea. She waved the magic wand, and a bright orange helicopter appeared in the garden.

Winnie had an idea and dug a door on the pumpkin.

She put up another sign at the door: free pumpkin, welcome to taste! People flocked. Soon, there was only one empty shell left in the pumpkin.

Now Winnie and Wilbur can think of as many pumpkins as they can buy on the market. Moreover, it’s so fun to go home by helicopter!

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