Woodpecker’s choice

In the forest, woodpeckers treat the trees every day.

After an interview with Woodpecker, the macaque reporter of “Forest Daily” published a report-“The Hard Work Forest Guardian”.

After reading the newspaper, everyone admired Woodpecker very much and said he was a star in the forest.

In the morning, the woodpecker went out to treat the tree, but was stopped by the larks, owls and peacocks.

The lark said first: “The Forest Singing Contest is held today. If you go, you will definitely win the gold medal!”

The woodpecker didn’t speak yet, and the owl hurriedly said, “You will definitely win gold in the Hundred Birds Flying Competition!”

Just as the woodpecker was about to speak, he was interrupted by the peacock again: “The organizers of the Forest Spring Fashion Contest would like to invite you to be a judge! You are the Daming Star and have the most say!”

After everyone was finished, Woodpecker said: “I will not participate in any competitions, let alone be a judge. I appreciate your kindness. Thank you!”

It was a pity that everyone persuaded the woodpeckers to agree.

The woodpecker said: “I know I can’t sing and fly

Master competition. I also know that I don’t know anything about fashion, so I dare not be a judge. The best thing I should do is to treat the trees in a down-to-earth manner. Without self-knowledge, I want to intervene when I see a good thing. I can only waste time and even worry about myself. The world is full of temptations, and we must know how to choose. ”

The woodpecker flew away after speaking. After a while, the sound of woodpecking was heard in the distance.

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