Xiao Mili

Xiao Mili is a beautiful little tabby cat. She lives with her parents in a large manor. The owner of the manor trusts Xiao Mili’s parents and asks them to guard all the rooms and kitchens. Therefore, they never sleep at night, but walk around the manor without letting go of any mouse.

However, the manor is too big after all.

One morning, the hostess of the manor called Mi Li’s parents and said: “I heard the yellow dog say that last night, he heard the sound of rats biting things in the storage room. I hope this will not happen again in the future. .”

After the hostess left, my mother complained: “The kitchen is inseparable from me in such a big place. What if you go to the storage room and rats appear in other places?”

Dad also frowned and paced around the room.

“Do you think this is okay?” Dad stopped pacing. “Our little Mili has grown up, so she should learn to catch mice.”

Mother hesitated: “But you know, Xiao Mili is timid and afraid of the dark…”

“That’s not good!” Dad interrupted his mother with a firm attitude, “How can a cat be timid? How can it be afraid of the dark? You have to make her understand that cats catch mice, and mice like to appear in the dark. Of.”

“Okay!” Mom thought that Dad was right, “I’ll talk to her.”

Mother found Xiao Mili, she was playing with building blocks on the floor.

“Little Mili, my dear, I want to tell you one thing.”

Then, my mother told her that she was going to guard the storage room tonight.

“Mom!” Xiao Mili was so nervous that she was about to cry, “Do I have to go?”

“Yes, boy, you must go.”

In the evening, my father sent Xiao Mili to the storage room.

There are so many things in the storeroom, and the room is full of piles. Xiao Mili curled up in the darkness, looking around in horror.

The more she watched, the more frightened her heart became. She seemed to feel that those high piles were ghosts with teeth and claws standing around her…

At this time, Xiao Mili really heard the footsteps. In this room, she was so scared that she hurriedly covered her eyes with her paws and exclaimed:’Mom, I’m afraid, I’m afraid…”

In fact, what Xiao Mili heard was the footsteps of Tucker and Fante the mouse. Xiao Mili’s shout also shocked them, and they hid.

“Who is here?” Fant asked Tucker in a whisper.

“I don’t know, let’s go and take a look.”

When they walked over to take a look, Lao Gao jumped with fright, and hurriedly hid. However, Tucker soon calmed down, and he asked Fant: “Just now, what did the cat say?”

“She said,’Mom, I’m afraid…,”

“What is she afraid of?” Tucker rolled his eyes and thought for a while, then suddenly grabbed Fanter and said, “She is afraid of us, Fanter.”

They laughed triumphantly: “Haha, cats are afraid of mice, there is such a strange thing in the world!”

Tucker’s eyes rolled again: “There are many masquerade gowns and masks in this room. Why don’t we play a trick on this timid cat?”

They found a black robe, a pale mask with staring eyes, barking teeth, and a crib on wheels with a mosquito net on it.

Tucker and Fant were very happy. They put the robe on the mosquito net frame of the stroller, and put the mask on it, and then they slowly pushed the stroller towards Xiao Mili. While pushing, there was a terrible scream.

Xiao Mili moved her paw away from her eyes a bit, and she saw a black behemoth glaring and barking towards her step by step, which was exactly the same as the devil she had imagined. Xiao Mili screamed and fainted…

“Hahaha! Never seen such a timid cat.”

“It’s useless to see her scared like this! Let’s tie her up with a rope.” They tied Xiao Mili’s four legs together with a rope.

Early the next morning, Mom and Dad found Xiao Mili with four legs tied up in the storage room. After she passed out of fright, she hasn’t regained consciousness.

When Mom and Dad rescued Xiao Mili, she cried and told them the terrible thing last night.

Dad was dubious: “Is there really a devil in the storeroom?”

In the evening, my father asked Xiao Mili to go to the storage room with him. Although Xiao Mili was terribly scared, she was a little bolder with her father together.

After entering the storage room, Dad chose a hidden place for Xiao Mi Li to hide.

After a while, Xiao Mili heard the same footsteps as last night.

She held her breath and lay on her father’s back to see that it was three mice. Just listen to a mouse saying: “Fant and I were so happy last night, we scared a cat girl to death.”

“Stop talking big, Tucker,” said another mouse. “There are only mice in the world that are afraid of cats. How can cats be afraid of mice?”

“You will believe it.”

The two mice named Tucker and Fant pushed out the robe and masked stroller.

Ah, it turned out that these two guys made the trick!

Xiao Mili yelled out of anger, rushed forward bravely, and bit the triumphant Tucker fiercely.

Dad pounced on it too, and caught Fant and another mouse.

Tucker was frightened like a mess, begging for mercy. When he looked up—he never thought that it was the cat girl who was scared to death by him and Fante last night that would kill him.

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