Your birthday is in summer

There is a beautiful ocean park in the vast ocean (hào hàn). Next to the ocean park is a scenic ocean orphanage where many homeless orphans are accommodated. Green loggerhead (xī) sister turtle is one of them.

Ms. Dolphin (hǎi tún) is a teacher at the orphanage. She spends some time every day taking the children to the nearby ocean park for a walk. Walking in the ocean park is the favorite activity of the green turtle sister. She looks forward to that moment every day.

On this day, the Dolphin teacher took the children to the Ocean Park to play.

“Happy birthday to you…” Not far away, the little sea crab (xiè) was celebrating his birthday. I saw the sea crab father and the sea crab mother lighting up birthday candles for the little sea crab and singing a birthday song for him. The little sea crab’s face was filled with happiness (yánɡ yì).

“Do I have a birthday too?” The green turtle sister looked at the little sea crab eagerly, and asked her friends very enviously.

“There should be!”

“Everyone should have a birthday.” The friends started talking. “But when is my birthday? Do you all know?” The green turtle sister also thought about her birthday, but she didn’t know when her birthday was, so she asked her friends.

“I only remember that my own birthday was in spring.”

“My birthday is in winter.”

“My birthday is in autumn.”

The friends were talking happily, but everyone only remembered their birthday. No one knew when the green turtle sister’s birthday was.


“What happened?” Teacher Dolphin walked over, stroked the green turtle sister’s head, and asked with concern.

Sister Green Turtle told the ins and outs of the matter, and then asked Teacher Dolphin: “When is my birthday?”

“Your birthday should be in summer.” Teacher Dolphin thought for a while, and said affirmatively.

“Look, Teacher Dolphin is fooling (hù nonɡ) sister green turtle.” The friends snickered.

“You green loggerhead turtles hatched in an environment with a temperature lower than 28 ℃ are mostly boys, while those above 30 ℃ are girls. In other words, most of the baby green turtles hatched in late spring and early autumn are males. Babies, most of the babies hatched in summer are female babies. You are a girl, so your birthday is probably in summer.” Teacher Dolphin said.

“It’s summer now. According to that, now is my birthday!” Sister Green Turtle danced with joy.

“Happy birthday to you!” Teacher Dolphin bought a birthday cake (dàn ɡāo) to celebrate the birthday of the green turtle sister. Everyone sang the birthday song in unison, the song spread far, far…

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