Brick house and wood house

The houses in Orange Town are all made of wood. The only exception is the small change leopard that has just moved. Leopard’s family has money, he always has endless pocket money in his pocket. Therefore, his house is built with bricks, which is very impressive.

“Haha, your home is not as good as mine!” The coin leopard always said to his classmates like this.

The corn fox was not convinced. He asked his father, “Why don’t we build a house with bricks?”

Father Fox put down the newspaper and said, “Is it good to live in a wooden house?”

“It’s not bad, but it’s not stylish enough.”

Father Fox smiled: “Then, do you like our current location?” Corn Fox’s house is next to the supermarket, which is very convenient for shopping. Of course the corn fox likes it.

“So, which classmate’s location do you still like?”

“Similu’s house. His house is next to the park, and when you open the window, you can smell the fragrance of flowers.”

However, the little crocodile’s house is also good. Next to his house is a cinema, so you can watch movies often. ”

“But,” the corn fox didn’t understand, “what does this have to do with building a house with or without bricks?”

Father Fox said: “You will understand soon.”

This summer, the rain has been extremely heavy, and there has been a flood in Sweet Orange Town! When the water level rose little by little, the wooden houses floated one after another. Seeing the house floating freely on the water like a boat, the corn fox was very excited!

“Dad, I understand why I use wood to build a house!”

Father Fox smiled and said, “You will not fully understand until the flood subsides.”

Soon, the flood subsided. The wooden houses “parked”. It’s just that at this time, their locations are all different: Corn Fox’s house is next to the park; Simi Lu’s house is next to the movie theater; Little Crocodile’s house is next to the supermarket…

A flood changed the town of Sweet Orange! The only thing that hasn’t changed is the change leopard’s home, because the brick house won’t float.

“Dad, I fully understand why I want to build a house with wood!” The corn fox yelled excitedly and ran out the door.

The simi deer, baby crocodile, tarsier who moved to the new home…have been together for a long time, and excitedly exchanged about the new living environment. Only the small change leopard stayed outside the crowd, thinking depressed: Alas, if our house is also made of wood, it would be great!

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