Professor Mouse’s vacuum cleaner

The Health Festival is approaching. Every family is tidying up the courtyard and cleaning the room. A clean festival is about to be spent! Professor Mouse passed by the Fat Pig’s window and saw Fat Pig wearing a headscarf, stepping on a stool, and holding a duster. Working hard to dust the roof.

Professor Mouse said: “Fat pig, this is too much effort, I will take a vacuum cleaner for you:” After that, he went home and carried the vacuum cleaner.

“Woo-woo -“, as expected, after only a while, Professor Mouse effortlessly sucked up the roof, walls, and floor of Fat Piggy’s house.

The fat piggy laughed and said, “You are a good thing, that’s not bad!”

Professor Mouse came to Little Donkey’s house again carrying the vacuum cleaner. The donkey is cleaning the broken bricks and tiles behind the house.

Professor Mouse said, “Come on, look at me. However, the bricks are too heavy, so you have to increase the suction.” He adjusted the knob of the vacuum cleaner, “Woo-oo-“, and a bunch of broken bricks and tiles were also sucked. There is no more one piece left.

The vacuum cleaner is full, filled with broken bricks. Professor Mouse can’t lift it anymore. Besides, he can lift it. Where should I go?

Professor Mouse touched his head, and there was it. He simply extended the tube and sucked the dirt directly into a stinky ditch behind the mountain. However, this had to maximize the suction power, and he adjusted the knob of the vacuum cleaner again. .

“My friends, let everyone rest, I will take care of your house cleaning!”

Professor Mouse went to the house and went to the house, carrying the vacuum cleaner triumphantly, “Woo one by one, one by one”, sucking here and then again, all the horns were sucked.

Suddenly, the little rabbit passed in front of the vacuum cleaner, “Bang”, the vacuum cleaner sucked the little rabbit in.

The fox said, “Let me see what’s going on.” He just stretched out his head, “B”, and sucked him in.

Then, I came to see the lively bears, tigers, and even the big hippopotamus sucked into the vacuum cleaner one by one. The rubber tube of the vacuum cleaner swelled up five or six bags, and ran quickly to the side of the stinking ditch behind the mountain.

At this time, Professor Mouse became anxious. He threw down the vacuum cleaner, followed the rubber hose, and ran back to the mountain. But, how could he run so much suction power? When he got to the side of the ditch, the rabbits, foxes, tigers and big hippos had fallen into the stinky ditch and were thumping in it!

The stinking ditch is very deep, besides, Professor Mouse can’t reach it, even if it’s enough, he can’t pull these much larger animals! He had to ran back again to carry the vacuum cleaner, and used the vacuum cleaner to suck the rabbits, foxes, tigers and big hippos in the stinking ditch again.

The falling animals sucked up, and they went back to their home along the long pipe. However, the smelly water and garbage returned to the animals’ homes twice.

Looking at the friends who were soaked with stinky water, Professor Mouse felt unspeakably sad. He was holding the vacuum cleaner and wanted to cry.

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