Hans the Hedgehog

Once there was a wealthy farmer, his money could be measured by truck, and his fields were all over the farms. But there is a big shortcoming in his happy life, that is, he has no children. When he entered the city, he was often ridiculed by fellow farmers, who asked him why he had no children. In the end he couldn’t bear it and became very angry. When he returned home, he said angrily: “I must have a child, even a hedgehog.”

So his wife gave birth to a strange child with a hedgehog in the upper body and a boy in the lower body. His wife was terrified, and complained to him: “Look at you, this is the bad luck you have brought.” The farmer said helplessly: “Rice has become porridge. How is it good now? This child has to be baptized, but who can be? Where’s his godfather” his wife sighed, “what name should I give him? Just call him Hans the Hedgehog.”

After receiving the baptism, the pastor said: “He is covered with thorns and cannot sleep in an ordinary bed.”

So spread some hay behind the stove, and Hans the Hedgehog slept on it. His mother could not breastfeed him because his thorns would hurt her. He just lay behind the stove for eight years. His father was so bored with him, he thought to himself, “It’s better for him to die!” But he lay there, living very stubbornly.

A fair is going to be held in the city. Before going to the fair, the farmer asked his wife what to bring back. “I lack some meat and some white bread at home.” She said.

Then he asked the maid again. The maid asked for a pair of slippers and a few pairs of embroidered stockings. Finally he asked the hedgehog, “What do you want, my Hedgehog Hans”

“Dear father,” he said, “I want a bagpipe.”

When the father returned home, he brought back the meat and white bread that his wife wanted, slippers and embroidered stockings that the maid wanted, then walked behind the stove and gave the bagpipe to Hans the Hedgehog.

Hans the Hedgehog took the bagpipe and said, “Dear father, please go to the forge to nail a hand to the big cock. I will ride the big cock out and never come back.” Hearing this, my father couldn’t help but secretly pleased. , I thought I could get rid of him now. He immediately gave the cock a hand, and then Hans the Hedgehog rode on the cock and took a few pigs and donkeys with him. He was going to feed them in the forest.

They walked into the forest, and the rooster took him to a big tree. After that, he stayed in the tree for many, many years, looking after his donkey and pigs until they were raised, and his father knew nothing about him. He has been playing his bagpipes on the tree for so many years, playing very beautiful music.

Once, a lost king passed by nearby. He heard the wonderful music and was surprised. He immediately sent his attendants to find out where the flute was coming from. He looked around, only to find a small animal on a tall tree that looked like a hedgehog riding a rooster playing.

So the king ordered his attendants to come forward and ask him why he was sitting there, knowing whether he knew the way to his kingdom.

Hans the Hedgehog came down from the tree and told the king that if he would write a pledge that once he got home and gave him the first thing he encountered in the palace, he would show the king the way.

The king thought: “It’s easy. Hans the Hedgehog doesn’t know how to write. He doesn’t know what I write anyway.” So the king took the pen and ink and wrote a guarantee. After writing, Hans the Hedgehog showed him the way. , The king returned home in peace.

His daughter saw it from a long distance, and was overjoyed and ran over to meet him, and kissed him happily. At this moment he thought of Hans the Hedgehog and told her how he was forced to agree to reward the first thing he encountered after returning home to a very strange animal, which rode like a horse A big rooster is still playing wonderful music. But he did not write according to its meaning, what he wrote was that it should not get what it wants.

The princess was very happy and praised her father’s good work, because she never wanted to live with a hedgehog.

Hans the Hedgehog, as usual, looked after his donkey and pig, often sitting happily on the tree and playing his bagpipe.

One day, another king passed by with his entourage and envoy. They also lost their way. The forest was big and dense, and they lost their way home.

He also heard the music coming from not far away, so he asked the messenger what it was and ordered him to come and have a look. The messenger went under the tree and saw a rooster on the top of the tree, and Hans the Hedgehog was riding on the rooster’s back. The messenger asked him what he was doing on it, “I’m putting my donkey and my pig, what do you want to do?” The messenger said that they were lost and could not return to their kingdom, and asked him if he could show them the way.

Hans the Hedgehog and the Rooster came down from the tree and told the elderly king that if the king would give him the first thing he encountered in front of the palace, he would tell him the way. The king replied simply: “Okay,” and wrote a letter of guarantee to Hans the Hedgehog.

Then Hans rode a big cock ahead and showed them the way, and the king returned to his kingdom in peace. When he reached the courtyard in front of the palace, there was a lot of joy there. The king has a very beautiful only daughter. She ran up to meet him and put her arms around his neck.

The return of her old father made her very gratified. She asked him where he had been for such a long time. He said how he got lost and he could hardly return, but when he walked through a large forest, a half-hedgehog, half-human monster riding a rooster bagpipe on a tall tree pointed out to him He got his way and helped him out of the forest, but he promised to give him the first thing he encountered in the palace in return, and now he met her first, and the king felt very sorry for this.

Unexpectedly, the princess said astonishingly, saying: For her beloved father, she is willing to go with Hans when he comes.

Hans the Hedgehog is still taking good care of his pigs, and the pigs are getting bigger and bigger, and the whole forest is already full. So Hans the Hedgehog decided not to live in the woods anymore. He sent a message to his father that he would vacate all the pig pens in the village and that he would drive a large group of livestock back and bring in everyone who could kill pigs. His father felt embarrassed when he learned about it, because he always thought that Hans the Hedgehog was dead long ago.

Hans the Hedgehog sat comfortably on the back of the rooster and drove a group of pigs into the village. He gave an order and the slaughter started. I saw the sword lifted and the axe fell, a piece of flesh and blood, and the sound of killing pigs could be heard for several miles!

After the incident, Hans the Hedgehog said: “Father, please go to the blacksmith’s shop and nail the cock again. This time I will not come back for the rest of my life.” Father gave the cock another palm, and he felt relieved. , Because Hans the Hedgehog will never come back.

Hans the Hedgehog rode a rooster to the first kingdom. The king there ordered that as long as you see a person riding a rooster holding a bagpipe, everyone should raise their bows and arrows, take up knives and guns, and block him from the palace. So when Hans the Hedgehog arrived at the city gate, they all raised their spears and rushed towards him.

I saw him stab the rooster with his shoe, and the rooster flew up, passed the gate, and landed in front of the king’s window.

Hans shouted that the king must fulfill his promise and give him what belongs to him, otherwise he will kill the king and his daughter. The king was very scared at this time, and he begged his daughter to go with Hans. Only in this way could she and her father’s lives be saved.

So she wore white clothes all over, and took a six-horse horse-drawn carriage and a group of beautiful maids, as well as gold and treasures, which her father had given her, and got into the carriage, and placed Hans, the rooster, and the bagpipe in her. Next to him, and then set off together and left. The king thought he would never see his daughter again, but

He never expected that when they were not far from the city, Hans the Hedgehog stripped her beautiful clothes off, and then pierced her with blood on her body with the thorns on her body. “This is the return to your hypocrisy,” he said, “You go, I won’t want you.” After that, he drove her back, and she has been looked down upon all her life from then on.

Hans the Hedgehog rode on a rooster, blowing on a bagpipe, and continued on his way to the kingdom of the second king, whom he once showed the way. The king ordered that as long as anyone looked like Hans the Hedgehog, they would raise their hands to him, protect his safety, sing long live to him, and lead him to the palace.
Expecting the king’s daughter saw him, she was taken aback by his strange appearance. At this time she warned herself not to change her mind, because she had promised her father. So she came out to meet Hans the Hedgehog and married him for a hundred years. The two went to the dining table in the palace and sat down side by side, enjoying the wine and food.

The evening came, they should go to bed and rest, but she was afraid of the thorns on his body, he comforted her not to be afraid, saying that she would not be hurt in any way. At the same time, he also asked the old king to send four soldiers to guard the bridal chamber door and light a fire. When he entered the bridal chamber door to go to bed, he himself would crawl out of the hedgehog skin and throw the hedgehog skin by the bed. They must run over immediately, pick up the hedgehog skin and throw it into the fire, and not leave until it burns out. When the clock struck eleven, he walked into the bridal chamber, took off the hedgehog skin, and threw it by the bed. The soldiers rushed over, picked up the hedgehog skins and threw them into the fire. When the fire burned his skin to ashes, he was saved, and he was lying on the bed as a human being, and his whole body was pitch black as if he had been burned by the fire.

The king sent an imperial physician to scrub and smear him with expensive ointments. Soon, his skin turned pale and he became a handsome young man. The king’s daughter was so happy to see him. The next morning they got up happily and ate and drank together. The wedding was held again in a solemn atmosphere. Hans the Hedgehog inherited the throne of the old king.

After a few years, he took his wife to see his father and told him that he was his son. But his father has repeatedly stated that he has no son, saying that he once had one. He was born like a prickly hedgehog. He had already left, and he didn’t know where to go. Hans proved who he was, and the old father was very happy and went with him to his kingdom.

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