Niuniu is a pistachio

Niuniu is a common (pǔ) ordinary (tōnɡ) little swallow, but people in the forest kingdom in Xixi say she is everyone’s “happy fruit”.

Niuniu has a cheerful personality (lǎnɡ), she sings happily all day long, and she always smiles when she sees people.

Niuniu is very optimistic. She often said: “It’s a day to be happy, and a day to be sad (chóu méi kǔ liǎn), so why bother with yourself?”

Even if Niuniu encounters any difficulties and setbacks (cuò zhé), you will not hear her sigh (āi). She often said: “As long as you don’t fall down, no difficulties will defeat you! Complaining blindly (bào yuàn) is a terrible virus (bìnɡ dú)! It will not only kill (mó) your fighting spirit, It also affects the emotions of others.”

A bright smiling face full of confidence is Niuniu’s “business card”. This is also an important reason why everyone is willing to be friends with her.

Seeing Niuniu, you are like seeing the bright (mèi) sunshine and the thriving spring.

“Hi! Aunt Pigeon, the weather is so good today, why don’t you go out and air your wings (chì bǎnɡ)?”

Niuniu flew past the door of Aunt Dove and greeted her warmly.

“Oh! It’s a pistachio. I’m hatching a baby.” Aunt Pigeon responded cheerfully.

“Oh…then you are going to be a mother! What can you do for me to help?” Niuniu asked (rè chén) zealously (xún).

“No need! Your concern is the warmest gift, thank you!”

Niuniu flew over the window of Auntie Magpie (shěn) and saw that Auntie Magpie was sharing food for the two babies. “Auntie Magpie, your baby is so beautiful!”

“Haha! Happy fruit, thank you for your compliment. I have a delicious breakfast here. Would you like to try it?” Aunt Magpie warmly invited (yāo) to ask.

“Hehe, thank you, auntie! Leave it to the baby early. If you need any help, please call me!”

Niuniu happily flew into the distance.

A crow (yā) saw all this in his eyes, and muttered to himself (dí gu): “Niu Niu is really a very cunning (jiǎo huá) girl! She goes around to please, but there is nothing wrong with it. I did, but it won the favor of a circle of people.”

“Why do you talk so unpleasant?” Aunt Magpie listened to the crow’s words and couldn’t help but exclaimed (jié) angrily, “Niu Niu girl is so cute and sensible, she is the most intimate baby of all of us, I won’t allow you Talk nonsense again! If you care about someone, we don’t care how much she does. A sunny smile and warm greetings are enough! I want to ask you guy, have you ever really cared about anyone in your heart?”

The crow was speechless when asked.

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