Lonely wind

There are many friends in the sky, such as clouds that turn into various shapes, rainbows that always like to bend over, the sun that blushes in the evening, stars that blink tens of thousands of times…Everyone gets along with each other friendly and often plays together.

However, there is only a ray of wind that is very lonely. As long as it breathes in its mouth, it blows away the clouds in the sky; as long as it hums its nose, the stars in the night sky will be scattered; if it is angry, it will not only flash and thunder, but also Bringing squally rain…

Gradually, everyone stayed away from the wind. Day by day passed, and the wind became very lonely.

However, this is not what Feng expected. Feng is very distressed. How can we be friends with everyone?

Feng decided to greet his friends.

“The sun, you are amazing!” The wind said to the sun, but the sun turned around and left, and night came.

“Hello…” Before the wind could speak, the cloud turned into a shower of rain and fell.

“Hi, little guy!” The wind said to the stars in the night sky, but the stars slipped away in the blink of an eye.

“Oh, how can I be friends with everyone?” Feng now not only feels lonely, but also a little sad.

A hot air balloon happened to pass by and laughed.

Feng said angrily: “What’s so funny? I just want to be friends with everyone, but as soon as I talk to them, they all walk away!”

The hot air balloon said patiently: “This is actually very easy. Don’t worry, just float over slowly and gently like me.”

The wind seemed to understand, and gave a light breath to the hot air balloon. The hot air balloon drifted away gradually, waving his hand and saying “goodbye” to it.

The wind slowly came to the clouds and helped them blow out many shapes; the wind gently blew the sun’s face, the sun’s face was not so red; the wind blew slowly through the night sky, singing a song to the stars…

Slowly, Feng made friends with many partners in the sky, and it was no longer so lonely.

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