Baby bear

Baby bears are particularly afraid of the dark. As long as it is night, they will hide in the bed at home, “it’s dark, I’m afraid”, baby bears kept saying. Mother bear is very anxious, baby bear is so timid, what can I do in the future!

One day, the mother bear said to the baby: “I am going out for a while today, you are at home obediently.” The baby bear was very reluctant, and said: “Mom, can you come back before dark?” The mother bear said, “It should be possible.”

The baby bear waited for a day. The sun was about to set. He opened the door and looked out. He didn’t see his mother. “Why isn’t my mother coming back.” The baby bear was anxious. The sun had slowly fallen to the bottom of the mountain, and the sky was gradually darkening. Will something happen to his mother? He is anxious to cry. “If something happens to mom, I must save mom.” Baby Bear wiped away his tears and walked to the forest.

It was dark, the forest was quiet, and the baby bear walked very slowly. He was too scared to see anything. Baby Bear walked tremblingly, thinking: “Will there be monsters in the forest at night?”

At this moment, he heard the cry of “Woo, woo, woo”, “The monster is coming!” The baby bear closed his eyes and did not dare to look. I only heard someone talking on the tree next to him: “Isn’t this a baby bear, what are you going to do so late?” The baby bear slowly opened his eyes and looked up the tree. A big bird was talking to him. “Who are you! Are you a monster?” Baby Bear asked cautiously. “I am not a monster, I am an owl. I sleep during the day and work at night.” The baby bear is no longer afraid. He said to the owl: “My mother has not returned yet, I am going to find my mother.” The owl praised, “How brave you are Child, you will find your mother.” “Thank you.” The baby bear was very happy, said goodbye to the owl, and walked on again.

The baby bear suddenly felt that there seemed to be little things flying around. There were more and more things. The baby bear was very scared and asked: “Who are you, are you monsters?” Finally, a little thing stopped and landed on the baby bear. On the palm of his hand, he said: “We are bats, not monsters. We use our most sensitive ears to judge the direction, so we usually do activities at night.” The baby bear was happy, “I am a baby bear, I will go to my mother.” Many bats are Stopped and praised him together and said: “You are too brave.” Baby Bear is a little proud. He stepped forward to reach the forest.

At this time, something flew in the forest, only one or two at the beginning, and slowly became a lot, the baby bear was no longer afraid, he asked loudly: “I am a baby bear, who are you!” The flashing thing whispered: “We are fireflies, we are fireflies.” The baby bear thinks that they are too beautiful and light up the forest. It turns out that the forest at night is so beautiful. The firefly said: “You are here to find your mother!” The baby bear said, “How did you know?” The firefly said: “Your mother asked us to guide you!” Following the direction of the firefly, the baby bear saw Mom came from behind the tree, and she said happily: “Baby, you are no longer afraid of the dark and not timid. You are a brave and strong bear.” The baby bear was very happy. He threw himself in his mother’s arms. Here, he knew that he was already a real bear that made his mother proud.

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