Strange car

One day, the little mouse went out to play and found a big leather shoe on the grass. It thought: I will move my big leather shoes home as a cradle. So, it pushed the shoes hard, sweating profusely, panting, but still unable to push. So, the little mouse came up with a good way. He put wheels on the leather shoes, “didi”, and drove the leather shoe cart happily home.

The little monkey picked a big watermelon in the watermelon field and wanted to take it home, but couldn’t push it anyway. It gnawed a hole in the watermelon and made it into a cab. Put wheels on the watermelon, sit in the watermelon by himself, and go home happily.

The big radish that the little rabbit planted was ripe. He pulled out a big radish and wanted to take it home, but he couldn’t move it anyway. What to do? The little rabbit gnawed off half of the radish and made it into a cab. Then he put wheels on the radish and sat in the radish by himself, “didi”, it happily went home in the radish cart.

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