Flaming maple

“Forest Daily” prepares a special edition of “Deeds of Advanced Characters”. The Qiufeng reporter set off.

The autumn wind flew to the orchard first. Hongtongtong Guoguo said with a smile: “We just hit the front page of the daily newspaper. You should go find someone else.”

The autumn wind flew to the vegetable field again. She wanted to write about these unknown cabbage and radish. Unexpectedly, the TV station was the first to come out and was shooting (pāi shè) feature films in the vegetable garden.

“Who should I interview?” Qiu Feng felt a little lost in his heart.

A small stream dinged ding dong dong, and said as he walked: “Why don’t you go interview Maple Tree? Interview their touching deeds in the summer.”

“Yes, the more inconspicuous the character is, the more you can tap (wā jué) to make a shining point.” Qiu Feng sighed (gǎn kǎi).

Qiu Feng flew towards Fenglin with full force. “Dear maple trees, can you tell me the unforgettable story of summer?”

The maple trees are very humble, they pursed (mǐn) their mouths, and no one wanted to speak.

Seeing the maple tree, the birds on the tree refused to speak, and said to Qiu Feng first: “The maple tree is really good. In the summer, it bears the scorching sun, leaving us with the thick green shade.”

The little ant came and said affectionately: “The maple tree is so great. I braved the heavy rain and stubbornly opened the big green umbrella, leaving us dry.”

The words of the animals made Maple’s face blush. You see, the red maple leaves are more like burning Caixia!

Qiu Feng quickly pressed the shutter to take photos of this precious moment.

Later, the front page headline graphic report of “Forest Daily” was titled “The Red Maple Tree”.

Knowledge card The temperature is high in spring and summer, and the maple leaves contain a lot of chlorophyll, so they are green, like a big green umbrella. In autumn, the chlorophyll is destroyed and the anthocyanins in the maple leaves show up and become red.

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