Lion perm

There is a big lion in the forest. It heard: Perm is popular in the city! The lion thought, “If I go to the city to get a hair perm, the animals will praise my hair as beautiful.”

The lion went to the city, found a famous barber shop, and permed his curls. It looked in the mirror and looked again. It roared happily, how beautiful my curly hair is. This roar broke the mousse, perfume, and barbershop stuff.

When the lion returned to the forest, the little lion could hardly recognize it. The lion cub saw that the lion’s curly hair was fun, and they climbed onto the lion’s curly hair. The lion said, “Don’t touch my curly hair. I will spank you when you dare to come. Spanking hurts.” The lion ran away as soon as he heard it. The big lion is not even willing to touch its curly hair, and the big lion does not comb his hair or beat mousse every day.

One day, the big lion woke up. It felt that its head was itchy, so it scratched it. It turns out that its hair has worms. The big lion came over and said to the little lion: “You help me scratch my curly hair,” said the little lion: “Don’t you say whoever touches your curly hair will hit someone on the butt.” The big lion said: “Cancel this rule, you can help me scratch it.” “There are too many bugs,” the little lion said: “Go to the river and wash your hair.”

Finally washed away the worms, the big lion ran to the city and found a famous doctor. It asked the doctor how to prevent and treat the worms. The doctor said, “You have to cut your hair off.” It came to a house. The barber shop cut the hair into a bald head, and the big lion returned to the forest. The lion cub saw the big lion with a bald head, and they couldn’t help laughing. The little lions said: “Big bald head, big bald head.”

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