Mole loves to burrow

Mole started to punch holes again. He just liked to punch holes. He hit 1022 wherever he went, and he kept beating. A group of critters who like to sleep in are very angry with him.

The fox doesn’t like him. The sound of his burrowing often disturbs the fox’s dreams.

The hedgehog didn’t like him. He hit the door of the hedgehog’s house after hitting his hole, which made the hedgehog worry about it. The

rabbit didn’t like him. The exit of his hole always passed by the rabbit’s house.

Scorpion disliked him even more. Sometimes when he was asleep, he even lifted the scorpion out with the soil and threw the scorpion out with a swollen nose…

As long as it is an underground animal that has been disturbed by moles, they don’t like him. .

But the Mole is still doing its own way, digging holes with relish, as if it was accomplishing a great task.

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