A pair of good friends

Bang Bang Monkey and Chubby Bear are not only classmates, but also a pair of very good friends.

The stick monkey is very thin, like a small bamboo pole. The chubby bear is very fat, like a big tree stump. Bang Bang Monkey is clever and chubby bear is clumsy and cute. Bang Bang Monkey worked hard and was so-so. Bang Bang Monkey ranks among the best, and the fat bear has lost its name.

Teachers always say to Bang Bang Monkey: “Bang Bang Monkey, you are awesome.”

Teachers always say to Fatty Bear: “Fatty Bear, you are really fat.”

Chubby Bear was very distressed about this. He sadly said to Bang Bang Monkey: “The teacher never praised me, not once.”

As a good friend, how can Bang Bang Monkey sit back and watch, he comforted Chubby Bear: “Isn’t it just being praised once? What’s the problem, it’s on my body.”

Bang Banghou found Mr. Fox, the head teacher, and hoped that she would praise Chubby Bear once.

Teacher Fox agreed, “Bangbanghou, it’s right to help your good friend. The teacher must find a way to praise the fat bear once.”

Bang Bang Monkey was so happy that he couldn’t help jumping onto the chandelier in the office.

Early the next morning, Mr. Fox thought about how to praise Chubby Bear, but Chubby Bear fell asleep during class and even snored. Teacher Fox became angry: “Fatty Bear, how can you sleep in class?” Fatty Bear was frightened by the shouts of Teacher Fox: “Teacher, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

At this time, Teacher Fox remembered the appointment with Bang Banghou, and said, “But… I guess Pubby Bear must have done his homework late at night last night, so he was sleepy and deserves praise.”

Bang Bang Monkey’s tablemate Mei Mei Tu hurriedly raised her hand and said, “Teacher, you didn’t leave your homework yesterday!”

After saying this, the classmates burst into laughter, and Chubby Bear almost cried.

Bang Banghou failed, but he would not give up. He promised to do what he had done to his good friends, so Bang Banghou asked more teachers to praise the chubby bear.

The math teacher, Mr. Chimpanzee, said: “Fatty Bear, although you are blind to this math problem, and you didn’t get it right, but your courage is commendable!”

The music teacher Mr. Hippo said: “Fatty Bear, you sing like poetry, so the teacher believes that you must learn Chinese very well.”

Ms. Parrot, a Chinese teacher, said: “Fatty Bear, if you can write fewer typos, you can become a writer.”

The art teacher, Miss Peacock, said: “Look, everyone, what a beautiful donkey chubby bear drew!” This time, chubby bear really cried because he drew only a rabbit with longer legs.

Bang Bang Monkey failed completely. Not only did he fail to help Chubby Bear, it made him even more sad.

It’s time for the physical education class, and the classmates ran to the playground to play, but Chubby Bear lowered his head and walked very slowly.

Mr. Kangaroo, the physical education teacher, brought a long and thick rope and said to the classmates: “Everyone is divided into two groups. We have a tug-of-war in this class.”

The stick monkeys are assigned to the first group, and the chubby bears are assigned to the second group. Chubby Bear tied one end of the rope to his waist.

Mr. Kangaroo shouted: “The tug-of-war competition begins!”

The students tried their best to pull the rope backwards, but no matter how hard the first group of students tried, the chubby bear didn’t move. The Chubby Bear suddenly pulled back hard, and all the students in the first group lay on the ground.

At the end of the game, the second group of Chubby Bear won the championship.

Mr. Kangaroo walked up to Fatty Bear, patted Fatty Bear on the shoulder, and said, “Fatty Bear, you are awesome!”

Chubby Bear asked: “Teacher, are you talking about me?”

Mr. Kangaroo said: “Yes, you are the best in a tug-of-war game, and no one is as good as you.”

The players in the second group all ran over and shouted together: “Puppy Bear, you are awesome!”

Chubby Bear jumped up with joy when he heard everyone’s praise, even though he didn’t jump very high.

Bangbanghou was very happy, because his good friend finally came true.

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