There is a little bear named Weiwei in the Acrobatic Troupe. He can throw things very high and very high. Everyone calls him “Superior Weiwei”. On this day, Weiwei went to play with friends.

He met Pippi the monkey by the river, and Pippi was wearing a new hat. Weiwei snatched it over and put it on his head, oops, it’s too small. “Haha, give it back to you!” He took off his hat and threw it into the sky, whoosh-the hat went into the white clouds and was out of sight.

The little monkey Pipi was very angry: “Weiwei is really unreasonable!” He waited and waited by the river. After an hour, the hat fell off.

Xiaotu Niuniu patted the ball on the grass, Weiwei ran over, grabbed the ball and shot it, and threw it into the sky after the shot. “Haha, give it back to you!” Whoosh-the ball flew into the blue sky like an arrow and was out of sight.

Xiaotu Niuniu said with tears, “Weiwei is really annoying!” She waited on the grass until the ball fell off at noon. Weiwei came to find Zebra Feifei, the administrator of the animal apartment: “Feifei, let’s go and play football!” “No, I’m helping you manage the keys, you can’t live without it!” Feifei shook a bunch of keys in his hand and said . “Ah, it’s not easy, I’ll save it for you.”

Weiwei picked up the key and threw it into the sky, whoosh-the key was getting smaller and smaller, and it got into the thick clouds and couldn’t see it.

“When the football is finished, the key will fall.” Weiwei took Feifei away. After get off work, everyone stood at the door of the apartment waiting for Feifei to open the door.

“I’m sorry, the key… the key let Weiwei be stored up.” He said embarrassingly.

“How can the key be stored in the sky?” Aunt Xiong said.

“Too irresponsible!” Uncle Hippo said angrily.

“Please don’t worry, the key will fall out soon.” Weiwei said with air. Wait, wait, it’s getting dark, “wow!”, there was a “key rain”, everyone picked up the keys and went home. Only Weiwei did not find the key to his home, so he had to squat on the ground, looking cold and hungry to the sky, looking at… The little monkey Pipi brought a big bread and said: “Quickly eat! Weiwei. ”

Little Rabbit Niu pulled Weiwei: “Come to my house first!” Weiwei lowered her head and said ashamed: “Sorry, I was wrong!” Aunt Magpie flew over with a key in her hand: “Who got the key? Throw it in my nest and almost hurt my little baby.” “Aunt Magpie, it’s mine, thank you!” Weiwei finally got the key. He understands: The gods can’t throw things away…(https://www.guokw.com/)

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