Lend you an umbrella

It’s raining, awful, Nana didn’t bring an umbrella, Nana was standing in the rain.

The little ant came over with a little wood sorrel and said, “Let’s lend you an umbrella.” Nana took it. The little ant’s umbrella is so small.

The frog jumped over with the melon leaf and said, “Let you have an umbrella.” The frog’s umbrella is a funnel umbrella.

The rabbit took a radish with a leaf and whiskers on it, and said, “Let me lend you an umbrella.” The rabbit’s umbrella can leak rain.

The little fox took a “taro leaf” to Nana. Is the little fox’s umbrella just right? Holding on, ah, the rain leaked down, and Nana and the little animal ran.

The big bear took the big lotus leaf and said, “Let me borrow an umbrella.” The big bear’s umbrella is so big and heavy.

The puppy ran over with an umbrella, and said, “I borrow an umbrella.” Ah, that’s Nana’s umbrella!

On a rainy day, holding an umbrella and walking in line, is there anyone who doesn’t have an umbrella?


Story goal: explore plants like umbrellas and feel the warmth of the story’s humanity.

Toddler discussion: Which animals appear in the story? Which umbrella did they take? When someone borrows you an umbrella (or you borrow another one), what will your mood be like?

Learn the sentence pattern: “×× hold the ×× and say:’Let you an umbrella’.” Inspire children to perform creatively and experience the emotion of caring for each other.

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