Little rabbit fur is sick

Little Rabbit Maomao is sick, and he is very anxious, because this summer vacation is about to end, but he hasn’t played enough with Diudiu, Little Mango, and Huahua. But because of illness and fever, Mother Rabbit would not let him go out to play.

Lying on the bed bored, thinking that Diudiu must be playing peekaboo, or 123 wooden people. The more I thought, the more anxious, the more anxious and the more uncontrollable I thought, and slowly started crying.

When the mother heard the cry, she picked up Maomao and comforted: “My dear baby, you have to take care of the illness so that you can get better quickly, and you can play with the children when you are done.”

Maomao looked at her mother with tears in her eyes, and whispered, “It’s so uncomfortable to be sick, when will I get better?” After speaking, he started to cry again.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and Father Rabbit opened the door. It turned out that the puppy was lost. The piggy mango and the duckling came to see Mao Mao. They bought fruit, canned food and nutrition, and came here by twitter. In front of Maomao’s bed, she kept talking and laughing around Maomao.

Diudiu said: “Maomao, you have to work hard, take care of your illness, we are all waiting for you to come back and play together.”

Mango also said, “Hmph, yeah, hum, it won’t be fun if you’re not here.”

Little Duck Huahua said: “So, you have to eat more and nutritious food”…

Hearing the concern of the friends, Maomao stopped crying, blushing, and nodding his head constantly, looking happy and happy.

In this way, under the care and encouragement of parents and children, Maomao quickly recovered, and their cheerful and bright laughter came from the community downstairs.

Children, have you noticed that the care and help between friends is also the source of our happiness. So remember not to be stingy about our care and help for our friends, and we must work hard to bloom the flower of our friendship when our friends need it.

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