Monster Boca’s Mom

On a sunny morning, the mother tortoise hurriedly climbed to the beach. Today, her babies are going to get out of their shells!

The little tortoises scrambled to crawl out of the sand nest, one, two, three… all nine turtle babies came out. Mother tortoise was about to take her babies away, when she suddenly found that there was an egg in the sand nest, white and round.

“Strange, I obviously only lay nine eggs, why is there one more?” Mother Tortoise thought, “Some careless mother must have laid the eggs in my sand nest.”

Mother tortoise was worried, so she waited quietly beside the egg. After a long time, a little bit came out of the egg, with a big nose, small eyes, and a long tail.

Xiao Budian crawled to the turtle mother’s side, and followed the turtles and called: “Mom! Mom!”

Mother Tortoise left a little bit behind and named him Polka.

Polka grew very fast, and it didn’t take long for him to surpass all the turtle babies, and soon surpassed the turtle mother.

Mother Tortoise couldn’t take care of Polkadot, so she sent Polkadot to Mother Rabbit’s house.

Polka and the bunny bounce around in the woods to hide and seek, picking mushrooms when they are hungry.

Polka grew bigger and bigger, surpassing Baby Bunny, and surpassing Mommy. Soon, even the door of Mommy Rabbit’s house could not be squeezed in.

Mother Rabbit sent Polka to Mother Bear’s house.

Polka and the little bears go to the tree to pick honey and wrestle together, which is stronger than anyone else.

Boca has grown up again, and he is stronger than all the cubs, and even the mother bear can easily hug him.

Mother Bear had to send Polka to Mother Elephant’s house.

Polka and the baby elephant take a bath together, take a walk on the grass together, and play a tug-of-war game together.

It didn’t take long for Polka to grow taller than the elephant’s mother. Everyone looked at him and had to raise his head.

One day, a bearded man came to the forest. He said that he belongs to the Animal Protection Association. He can send baby animals without parents to a beautiful big house, and let the Animal Protection Association take care of him.

The little animals in the forest all thought of Polka by coincidence: “Poka, you have no father or mother, you should go.”

Mother Tortoise crawled over and said angrily: “I am his mother!”

Mother Rabbit, Mother Bear, and Mother Elephant all ran over and said, “We are all Polka’s mothers!”

As for Polka, he proudly said: “I have so many mothers who love me, I won’t go anywhere!”

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