The story of the snowman

Little Rabbit Pipi’s family lives at the foot of the mountain. The four seasons here are like spring. In Pippi’s eyes, the world should be so warm.

One day, Pippi slipped out of the house and climbed up the tall mountain in front of the station by himself. The world on the top of the mountain is really strange. Everything is silvery white. Pippi saw snow for the first time here, and built a beautiful snowman. Pippi was really exhausted, he fell asleep beside the snowman.

After a long time, Pippi was awakened by an urgent call, “Little rabbit, wake up!” “Who?” Pippi slowly opened his eyes, “Ah! It’s cold!” It turned out that it was the snowman who was talking. But Pippi had little energy to answer. He felt cold and hungry. “Snowman, I can’t play with you, I seem to be dying…” “No, I won’t let you die. Tell me, how can I save you?” The snowman said eagerly. “My body is frozen, only the warm sunlight at the foot of the mountain can save me…but you are too dangerous to go.” As he said, Pippi closed his eyes.

With tears, the snowman picked up Pippi and rushed to his feet. He wanted to save the little rabbit. Although by doing so, the snowman would be melted by the warm sun, but in order to save the little rabbit, he didn’t think much about it.

The snowman carried Pippi through the woods and across the grass. He felt extremely hot and felt that his body was being roasted little by little, but the snowman persisted until he held Pippi to the foot of the blooming mountain, and then he fell tired to the ground.

At this time, the sun rose, and the snowman was so happy that he even forgot that his body was slowly melting. He was ready to lift Pippi over his head, and muttered in his heart: “Wake up soon, little rabbit…”

Pippi opened his eyes in the warm sunlight-he finally woke up. However, the snowman was melting quietly. He placed Pippi gently on the ground, looked at the world affectionately, and then closed his eyes…

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