Send an umbrella to Father Sun

Spring is here, drizzle. It has been raining for several days, it is wet everywhere, and everyone’s mood is very depressed.

Little White Rabbit Lily looked at the misty rain and mist outside the window, turned her head and asked her mother worriedly: “Mom, I haven’t seen Father Sun for a few days. Is he lost?” Mother Rabbit took Lily’s hand and said, “Little Good deed, Father Sun has always been there!” “Daddy Sun is home, why doesn’t he come out? Does he not want us?” Little White Rabbit Lily asked again. Mother Rabbit said: “It’s raining outside, he will get wet when he comes out!” Little white rabbit Lily said “Oh” and looked up at the confused sky.

The rain is still falling, and it doesn’t seem to stop. Little White Rabbit Lily really missed Father Sun too much. She thought: How can I help Father Sun? After thinking about it all night, she finally thought of a wonderful way.

Just after breakfast the next day, Little White Rabbit Lily went out holding a small colorful umbrella. In a short while, she returned home with a group of friends, and each of them was holding a beautiful flower umbrella.

“Mom, can you do us a favor?” Little White Rabbit Lily said to Mother Rabbit. Mother Rabbit asked kindly: “Little boy, what do you want your mother to do for you?” “My friends and I want to make a big umbrella and send it to Father Sun. He won’t get caught in the rain when he goes out. So we can see Father Sun and go out to play.” Mother Rabbit happily agreed.

So, Mother Rabbit led Little White Rabbit Lily and her friends, and sewed all the small flower umbrellas together with a firm thread. Wow! A huge colorful umbrella was “born” like this.

“But, how do we send it to Father Sun?” Little Xiong looked at Little White Rabbit Lily in confusion.

In fact, the little white rabbit Lily has long been confident, “We all got under the big umbrella, holding our respective umbrellas, and then keeping a consistent pace, let’s walk towards the top of Eagle Peak together!”

“But, why go to the top of Eagle Peak?” Puppy Huahua still didn’t understand.

Little White Rabbit Lily said: “Eagle Peak is the highest mountain in the forest. It is the closest to Duke Sun. We yelled to Duke Sun. He must be able to hear him. When he comes out, we will give him the umbrella.” Xiaobai Rabbit Lily had just finished speaking, and the friends applauded her for this great idea, and Mother Rabbit gave a thumbs up to Little White Rabbit Lily.

Everyone held the big colorful umbrella and walked cautiously to the top of Eagle Peak. But as soon as I reached the top of the mountain, a strong wind blew. Because everyone was unprepared, the big colorful umbrella was swept up by the gale and flew into the air in a blink of an eye. Little White Rabbit Lily and her friends burst into tears. When Mother Rabbit saw this, she quickly comforted: “Children, Aunt Feng is helping us! She is going to give Grandpa Sun a big umbrella for us! ”

After listening to Mother Rabbit, everyone burst into laughter.

Kids, do you think Father Sun can receive that big umbrella?

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